Bushmaster ACR/Masada delayed

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Don’t expect to get your hands on the Bushmaster ACR anytime soon. Bushmaster and Magpul issued this joint statement a few days ago:

“The ACR is being redesigned to be a superior offering to compete for the next generation US Army infantry carbine and subcompact weapon requirement and will be available to select customers in 2009.”

This is the third delay. The ACR was originally promised to be on sale late 2008, it was then delayed again until Q1 2009. It now looks like that unless you know someone at Bushmaster or Magpul you will not get your hands on one for quite a while.

As “hga” said, with the possibly of the AWB 2.0 I imagine both Bushmaster and Magpul are trying to maximize short term production for existing products until demand slows down. This does make financial sense. The cost of improving the ACR with the aim of winning a US Army contract will be minimal compared to the cost of decreasing production on AR-15s and tooling up to produce the ACR, not to mention the opportunity cost of not producing AR-15s which are currently selling like, well, they are about to get banned. I also expect Bushmaster and other AR-15 producers are stockpiling AR-15 lower receivers so that in the event of a ban they will be able to sell high priced pre-ban rifles.

Thanks to “hga” for alerting me to the statement.

The Magpul Masada before it became the Bushmaster ACR
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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    @ Holladaydoc, you sir have no idea what you are talking about, I have a Bushmaster AR-15 and NOT ONCE did my AR-15 supposedly "Freeze". I currently live in Alaska about 33 miles above the Arctic Circle, I don't know what you talking about because I went hunting with my AR-15 on my back while driving my snowmobile for 2 straight hours (didn't even touch it the entire time), and once again the AR-15 proved its durability in extreme environments, when the time came to pull out my AR-15 and shoot my animal it did its duty just fine. ( -45 degree fahrenheit that day ).

    PS id like to see a bushmaster AR-15 freeze up in my life time.

  • Will15 Will15 on May 31, 2011

    what RUMSPRINGA said. i have a Bushmaster AR-15 with a 20in barrel and it shoots like theres no tomorrow! I live in iowa and are winters are pretty dang cold and not once did it freeze. my rife is durable as hell, it won't even jam, i shot 24 30 round mags through my gun not once did it jam or malfunction. i think my Bushmaster is more durable than a m4 with there shity 16in barrels thank god for AR-15s!