New accessories for the Bushmaster ACR

    So you own a Bushmaster ACR but don’t think it’s special enough?

    Kinetic Research Group – or KRG for short – got you covered with their new line of ACR accessories.

    They have three new products developed, all presented in writing and with pictures below.

    There are two new stocks. You can chose to go with a PDW stock or for a more precision oriented stock, fold-able. There is also a new forend. By the looks of it they are all solid choices for your ACR.

    I’m not sure the Bushmaster ACR is the first I think of when it comes to a PDW, but perhaps a 10,5″ would look and work better than the one pictured.


    ACR PDW Stock Yours for $298.00

    The ACR PDW stock is an excellent rear stock option for your ACR. It gives you collapsible stock functionality and looks with a couple nice twists thrown in:

    -replaces your standard ACR buttstocks quickly and easily using the two standard takedown pins.

    -gives you length-of-pull adjustment range of about 5.25″ from a short 7.6″ to 12.9″ in 3/4″ increments.

    -provides for you an actual cheekpiece which is unusual for a PDW stock, and it’s even height adjustable.

    -you won’t experience the loose fit and rattling found on old school PDW stocks as the locking mechanism has a cam which removes that.

    -one built in QD mount point for your sling mounting and room for a second optional one to be added.

    The KRG PDW stock for the ACR gives you a unique and useful upgrade to your ACR carbine!

    Fits: Bushmaster ACR

    Restrictions: None

    Weight: 1.25lb

    Material: Aluminum, polymer, nitrided steel

    Made by KRG

    ACR Long Range Folding Stock Yours for $699.00

    Our Long Range folding stock for your ACR gives you the performance and ergonomics needed for those precise shots on small targets over long distances.

    -replaces your standard ACR buttstocks quickly and easily using the two standard takedown pins.

    -gives you tool-less length-of-pull adjustment range of about 1.75″ from 12.75″ to 14.5″ in 1/4″ increments.

    -gives you tool-less cheekpiece adjustment, infinitely adjustable with a range of about 1″ and a simple feature to remember your position.

    -locks up tight and folds to the right, locks in folded position as well

    -has built in features to tighten the fit of the stock to the upper receiver, similar in basic function to the devices that AR owners use to tighten the fit from upper to lower

    -ambi built in QD mount point for your sling mounting

    -You can adjust the buttpad height and cant, also without tools

    If you are a serious long range precision shooter, this stock will give you what you need to get the most out of the ACR rifle.

    Fits: Bushmaster ACR

    Restrictions: None

    Weight: 1.73lb

    Material: Aluminum, polymer, nitrided and/or stainless steel

    Made by KRG


    CR Precision Forend (QD) Yours for $259.00

    The ACR Precision forend is what you need when you want to build a precision/DMR version of your ACR or if you just like a bit more forend length.

    -replaces the standard ACR polymer or short rail forend.

    -extended in length ~6.85″ over the standard railed handguard which sits flush with the front of the upper receiver.

    -features a cut-in Picatinny/1913 rail on top with MLok ™ slots on the side as well as the KRG/MOE L2 hole pattern interspersed.

    -Access port to change the gas selector.

    -Forend attaches or removes easily using a cross pin like the standard ACR forends.

    It is comfortable in the hand and light weight and gives you that extra bit of stability on a bipod you need for precision work.

    Fits: Bushmaster ACR

    Restrictions: None

    Weight: 12oz

    Material: 6061 Aluminum

    Made by KRG

    Remember to check out KRG’s new SOTIC precision rifle which TFB just covered.

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics, thermals and suppressors. TCCC Certified. Occasionaly seen in a 6×6 Bug Out Vehicle, always with a big smile.