Bersa BP9 and BP40 Concealed Carry

    Argentine gun maker Bersa, best known for their Bersa Thunder 380 pistol, will be entering the lucrative compact-plastic-fantastic pistol market next year with the BP9CC, chambered in 9mm, and the BP40CC, chambered in .40 S&W.

    Bersa BP9CC

    The inspiration for this pistol was the SIG P250. The external appearance and internal organization of parts resemble the P250, but I don’t think it also uses the P250′s true double action mechanism.

    Unfortunately it includes Bersa’s anti-features: the dreaded key-lock and magazine safety.

    The pistols are slightly larger and heavier than a true sub-compact, such as the Kel-Tec PF-9, so I am unsure if they should be classed as compact or sub-compact.

    Caliber 9MM (BP9) 40 S&W (BP40)
    Operation Semi-Automatic
    Action Double Action
    Frame High impact polymer
    Slide AISI 4140 alloy steel
    Overall Length 6.35”
    Height 4.8”
    Width .94”
    Barrel Length 3.2”
    Weight 21.5 oz.
    Magazine Capacity 7+1 in BP 9 cc 6+1 in BP 40 cc
    Magazine Alloy steel
    Safeties Integral Locking System, Trigger, Firing Pin, Magazine
    Finish Matte black or two-tone
    Grips Black Polymer
    Rear Sight Interchangeable glock type
    Front Sight Interchangeable sig sauer type
    MSRP (Price) $425 (Lipseys)
    Availability 1st Quarter 2010

    Some online stores are listing the pistol but at a much lower price than what Lipseys, a major distributor, says. I think $425 sounds right for a pistol of this class.

    Steve Johnson

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