ATI AT92 pistol (MKEK Yavuz 16)

    American Tactical Imports are now selling the MKEK Yavuz 16 branded as the ATI AT 92.

    American Tactical AT 92. Full size model.

    If you are thinking that this pistol looks familiar, you are right. The Yavuz 16 is a copy of the Beretta 92FS (M9 pistol). It is made by the Turkish state-owned arms manufacturing giant MKEK. I was told that the story behind the pistol is that one of the MKEK factories did manufacturing work for Beretta. Once their relationship ended, which I presumed did not end well, they cloned it and started manufacturing it for local law enforcement.

    Some years ago Beretta switched the guide rod and trigger from steel to polymer. The AT92 is all steel, which should please some customers.

    AT 92 Compact Nickel Finish

    It is available in a black or nickel finish and in a full size and compact model. Because of BATFE restrictions on the size of imported pistols, the compact is not much smaller than the full size model.

    Caliber 9x19mm
    Capacity 15 round
    Frame Aluminum
    Magazine Uses Standard Beretta 92FS magazines.
    Finish Black or Nickel
    Barrel 4.92″ (Full Size) / 4.33″ (Compact)
    CA Approved No. Lacks mag safety.
    Front Sight Fixed blade
    Rear Sight Notched rear
    MSRP (Price) $549 for all models.

    Many thanks to Chris for supplying information.

    UPDATE: Dutch Ton pointed out in the comments that these guns are manufactured by a company named Yavuz 16, which is part of MKEK.

    Hat Tip: Gun Reports

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