SCAR 16S is now a black rifle

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

A matte black finished model of the 5.56mm FN SCAR will be on sale to consumers next year. I think it looks great (… and yes, I know getting excited about a gun being black is pretty sad).

Earlier this year FN gave dealers the chance to pre-order a limited edition black SCAR. One dealer is trying to sell one of these for $9,999!

Now, it appears, that the black SCAR is going into full production and will be offered as a standard model, not a limited edition. I suspect there will be some unhappy customers who pre-ordered a limited edition, only to find it is now a full production model.

Other than the opportunists on Gun Broker, I have seen the black SCAR listed for between $3000 and $4000. When it is actually available, it will probably sell for the same as the tan, aka. Flat Dark Earth, colored model ($2500 – $3000)

Interestingly, early prototypes of the military SCAR had a black finish:

Military prototype.

UDPATE: Replaced top photo with better quality image. Thanks Elaine.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Gabe Ratliff Gabe Ratliff on Apr 11, 2010

    I purchased this black scar over the weekend at a gun show in ky. I have to say i really am impressed just how much different this gun is than the ar15. It feels lighter immediately after lugging it around for hours at the show. No hard case, i paid 2850.00 plus tax, ended up being 3010.00 total, and all it came with was a magazine and lock. now lets review the fn mag that everyone is saying is great..Its a real big disappointment being its just a colt mag painted black with a green follower... I put this mag in my stack of slacker mags, and immediately purchased a dozen HK mags for it...If you have ever used the HK mags for the AR then you know how great those mags are. there light years ahead of any other m16 type mags out there.. Those set me back 40.00 per mag, not a bad price for such a great mag.. If you have an ar or a scar I really really plea with you to try the HK mags, you will thank me after you hold one... and the follower in the hk mags are simply perfect... But the scar is so far so good. i did notice the white paint in the lettering was almost wet, tacky feeling, and it would smear if you rubbed your finger across it.. It comes with some kind of thin cosmoline feeling rust protection on the guts, so i suggest you clean it before firing.

  • Bob Bob on Jul 12, 2010

    On 30 June 2010 SOCOM announced that it is cancelling its 5.56 portion of the SCAR program and will only procure 7.62 NATO components. Is anyone aware of any reaction by NSWC (Crane) reaction to this since it has many ongoing peripheral procurement programs in place?