SCAR 16S is now a black rifle

    A matte black finished model of the 5.56mm FN SCAR will be on sale to consumers next year. I think it looks great (… and yes, I know getting excited about a gun being black is pretty sad).

    Earlier this year FN gave dealers the chance to pre-order a limited edition black SCAR. One dealer is trying to sell one of these for $9,999!

    Now, it appears, that the black SCAR is going into full production and will be offered as a standard model, not a limited edition. I suspect there will be some unhappy customers who pre-ordered a limited edition, only to find it is now a full production model.

    Other than the opportunists on Gun Broker, I have seen the black SCAR listed for between $3000 and $4000. When it is actually available, it will probably sell for the same as the tan, aka. Flat Dark Earth, colored model ($2500 – $3000)

    Interestingly, early prototypes of the military SCAR had a black finish:

    Military prototype.

    UDPATE: Replaced top photo with better quality image. Thanks Elaine.

    Steve Johnson

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