Gamo Tactical SOCOM Air Rifles

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Aside from the questionable name of SOCOM being applied to air rifles, I really like the styling of these new rifles. Three models will eventually be available but only the Socom Extreme is currently available to be purchased.

The SOCOM EXTREME was created for an all new level in long distance air gun shooting and hunting.

Gamo took their famous 1250 powerplant and re-tuned the beast to deliver a stunning velocity of over 1650 fps using the new PBA Platinum .177 ammo. The powerplant was matched to a precision steel, composite jacketed bull barrel which also helps reduce the larger cocking force. The precision barreled action is mated to a newly designed tactical, light weight composite stock. This specially engineered stock has a long tapered sure grip forend which leads back to pistol grip with palm swell for quick steady mounting. The buttstock features an ergonomically shaped cheekpiece which works for right and left handed shooters. Each SOCOM EXTREME air rifle is fitted with a special 3-9×50 Scope with red, green and blue illuminated glass etched reticle securely anchored by the Gamo solid one-piece mount. The composite stock reduces gun weight to a manageable 9 lbs compared to a heavier wood stock air rifle.

MSRP $399.95


The SOCOM TACTICAL is the ultimate air rifle for high performance flexibility for day or night shooting. The Tactical composite stock has a custom molded forepiece and palm swell grip area for maximum control. The fully adjustable tactical comb has a raised cheekpiece and allows for an instant sight picture adjustment using the optical or the included fiber optic fixed sights. The receiver is topped with a precision 3-9×40 AR Scope anchored by a solid Gamo one-piece rail mount. The scope is fitted with a powerful, fully adjustable precision laser and light which quickly readies the SOCOM TACTICAL for night operations. The 26″ barrel is made of precision rifled steel and is shrouded in a fully composite jacketed fluted polymer bull barrel. The barrel on the SOCOM TACTICAL is also fitted with the Gamo ND52, Noise Dampening Technology muzzle dampner. Combined with outstanding velocity at nearly 1300 fps with new PBA Platinum .177 ammo. The Tactical is fully capable of handling any backyard varmint incursions 52% quieter than a standard spring air rifle.

MSRP $329.95


The SOCOM CARBINE is specially configured to offer quick mounting and target acquisition. Its Gamo power plant is tuned to deliver a sizzling velocity of nearly 1300 fps with the new PBA Platinum ammo through a short, composite jacketed, precision rifled .177 cal steel barrel. The 3-9×40 precision AR scope is securely anchored to the receiver by the solid, one-piece Gamo mount. The long eye relief and brilliantly clear optic work in tandem with the special all-weather composite stock with sure-grip forend, palm swell pistol grip and adjustable comb with cheekpiece. The shooter can instantly adjust the stock for his or her comfort.

MSRP $329.95

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • EMPACT-77 EMPACT-77 on Mar 29, 2011

    I had to say to all the guys who hate on the upper end gamos, that i own a SOCOM EXTREAM and a RWS MODEL 48 ,the latter for 20yrs and have put in my will to my now 18year son apond my death the 48 because it,s the being my first adult air gun. but my socom change the game not only is it my first gamo but to me it is in the top of the line of spring air guns . if you know any thing about fire arms and hand loading if want to stop a bullet from makeing that sonic crack take some powder out in my socom being a air rifle and not haveing powder i had to look at the pellet this took some time and invesment and so tuneing the gun by removeing the stock scope and trashing the PBA pellets replaceing the scope with a Leapers 6x24 and settaled on the CROSMAN DESTROYER PELLETS know this to all ,their is a maxium range and maxium effective with some time if you stay with in these envlope you will see this socome is a hard hitting and long range flat shooting rifle .so i say to you all spend a bit more money on a scope and find new pellets haters it,s all clear down range ,good hunting and god speed

  • AL AL on May 16, 2011

    I have owned the Socom Extreme for over a year now and have put thousands of rounds thru it on my own 100yrd. range. Here is the breakdown. This rifle is capable of 2in.groups at 50yrds. 6in. at75yrds. and fairly consistant hits on gallon size milk jugs at 100yrds. Not bad. Now here is the bad. The trigger sucks. Almost a full 1/2in. of creep never knowing when it will break, terrible for accuracy. The scope will not stay zeroed due to the recoil of this powerfull air rifle. This drove me crazy untill I changed it out. The PBA ammo is to fast and not consistant over 50yrds. Also makes the report as loud as a 22.long rifle. Dont get me wrong this is an extremely well built rifle and I like it. It is extremely powerfull. The scope is junk and needs to be upgraded, and the trigger needs to go back to the drawing board. If anyone knows of an after market trigger or some type of fix please let me know. Thanks

    • Squirrel Slayer Squirrel Slayer on Nov 15, 2013

      @AL Charlie da Tuna sells GRT4 triggers to replace the crappy SAT triggers on Gamos for $39 which includes shipping. They are crisp and will dramatically help your accuracy. Google GRT4 and you can find it. Made from aircraft aluminum. Serious quality. I have one on my Big Cat 1400 and love it.