Taser X3

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Taser have just launched their new much-hyped X3 model. The X3 corrects a major flaw in the Taser system, something gun slingers realized at least 250 years ago, to wit, when dealing with people at close range a single shot is never enough. The X3 addresses this problem but giving the operator three shots.

Taser X3

This gives the X3 fifty percent greater ammunition capacity than a Derringer pistol, and just 82% less capacity than your plastic fantastic! Joking aside, the new multi shot capability is a technological breakthrough that significantly increases the utility of the device. It allow law enforcement officers to quickly follow up a missed shot or engage up to three targets simultaneously. This video demonstrates the multi target functionality:

Not only can it load three “Smart Cartridges”, but long range and short range cartridges can be mixed. The duel laser sight will automatically adjust the point of impact for the currently “chambered” cartridge, which I think is pretty nifty.

“Scary Arc Mode”

Another new feature is what I call the “Scary Arc Mode”. A button can be pushed which will cycle electrical arcs across the front of the device. While a superficial feature, it may persuade many a drunk to cooperate.

Other new features include safety, reliability and user interface improvements.

X3 Holstered

I think the X3 is one of those devices, like the iPhone, which can justify money being spent on an upgrade.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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