Baby, The Bren Ten is back

    It is no secret than Vltor Weapon Systems have been working on the Fortis Pistol, a clone of the infamous Bren Ten. They have just announced that they have acquired the right to use the Bren Ten name and the Fortis Pistol will be released as the Bren Ten.

    We have to apologize for the last several weeks; we have been in sort of a self-imposed blackout while we have been negotiating the agreement to use the Bren Ten name. This is something that we really wanted, in order to make the release of our pistol truly the continuation of the legacy – and something that we have been working hard to make happen.

    A Bren Ten that is being auctioned at Gun Broker

    The Bren Ten, most famously used on Miami Vice (the TV show, not the movie), is chambered in 10mm Auto.

    Steve Johnson

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