Five Double Rifles Reviewed

    When I posted a link to the American Rifleman double rifle “plinking” video I did not realize there was an accompanying article to go with it.

    American Rifleman have reviewed four different double rifles, all with a starting price of about $10,000! The double rifle has a special place in the collective psyche of hunters. I can think of few things in life that I want more than to hold one under the hot African sun in the pursuit of Cape Buffalo.

    “the double rifle is a weapon of romance … [it] connotes ivory hunting, long lines of safari porters, drinking sundowners beside a fire of nyombo wood while lions roar on the veldt, affairs of the heart with comely lady leopard hunters.” – Jack o’Connor in Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns, 1961

    Picture 15-20
    Holland and Holland double rifle in .375 H&H Magnum. From Wikipedia.

    At the bottom of the article there is a PDF link to view the entire article as it appears in the print magazine.

    Hat Tip: The Unforgiving Minute

    Steve Johnson

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