Interesting placement of M16 carry handle

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The M16 in this photo, which was taken in Afghanistan a few days ago, has a carry handle mounted on the 9 o’clock handguard rail.

I had not seen a carry handle mounted there before so I asked about it on BumpkinBoy and scrybe suggested he has it there in case his optics fail. If it failed he would need to detach the scope and carry handle, then reattach the carry handle.

I suppose it is not a bad idea if you cannot afford, are not allowed, or do not have backup iron sights (BUIS) on hand.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Jarrod Jarrod on Jan 06, 2011

    I was an infantryman for 10 years and have served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. We started getting the BUIS on my 4th tour. Before that we were always required to carry our carrying handle with us. I think it was typically up to the commander. We at one point had a commander who required us to put our optics on the forward rail and keep the carrying handle in the normal place. Usually the carrying handle was just tied off in a butt-pack or somewhere.

  • USMCHCORE USMCHCORE on Jan 17, 2013

    I have never actually been in the army but i do plan to join, after reading these stories about commanders making you keep the carry handle in a certain place and having to put the optics elsewhere. Did any of you resort to puting the optics Ex aimpoint, acog, etc on top of the carry handle via rails or did you just keep the optics on forward rails and such.