Interesting idea for a bullpup rifle

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

When asked what “bullpup” I generally tell people “it is a rifle where the magazine sits behind the trigger”. Rabbityrabbit came up with an idea for a bullpup where the chamber is behind the trigger, but the magazine is in the same place as it is on a non-bullpup rifle. The design idea was inspired from the Boberg XR9 pistol.

While I think this idea could work well, many armed forces do fine with a standard configuration bullpup.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Daniel E. Watters Daniel E. Watters on Nov 20, 2009

    Adding to the idea, it appears that AAI's LSAT carbine design is pushing cartridges backwards out of the magazine directly into the chamber aligned behind it. The chamber is separate from the barrel, swinging from a loading position to a firing position. Since the cartridges are completely cylindrical, it really doesn't matter which end of the chamber they feed into. When it enters the chamber, the new cartridge pushes out the empty case.

  • Ben Ben on Mar 14, 2011

    Hi, I've been lurking on the firearm blog and have finally decided to comment. New bullpup actions are of special interest to me as I have been trying to reverse engineer the russian TKB-022 prototype rifles. I am ignoring the obvious missing pieces, such as the mechanism raising the spent casing into the ejection tube, because this is, after all, a concept mock up. Still, the biggest problem I see is the inability to use standard Stanag or AK magazines because the cartridge moves backward, not forward. The necessary proprietary magazine might also be unreliable because the top cartridge is in no way incased from one side, unlike the current mags. This limits the action to belt, which has been cited as another disadvantage of a normal bullpup. As for questions on there being too many moving parts, this action is simply a automatic version of a pump shotgun with out the tube magazine.