Ruger Rumor Roundup

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

In a few hours Ruger will redefine a platform (their words, not mine). Some possible contenders are:

* Polymer 1911
* Regular 1911
* Mini-14 in .308 (ie. a M1A / M14)
* SR-9 pistol in .45 or the long awaited SR-10 (.40 S&W).
* Scaled up Ruger LCR polymer revolver in a more powerful cartridge.
* Ruger gas piston AR-15

A 1911 is possible. Wilson Combat will have a polymer 1911 on the market soon. Another variant on this rumor is a compact single stack polymer 1911. Having launched two new autoloader pistol platforms in the past few years I wonder if they want another.

N.U.G.U.N thinks a .308 Mini-14 is possible. Ruger does not have a medium game hunting autoloader so this would fill a hole in their product offering. I think it is unlikely because I don’t think the M14 design is going to appeal to hunters and so far the Mini-14 accuracy has not been all that great.

Ruger SR-9 in .45 or .40 S&W. This would could not be considered “Another platform redefined” but many people are hoping for the long delayed, almost mythical, SR-10.

Ruger Light Compact Revolver in .38 Special

Caleb thinks a scaled-up Ruger LCR polymer revolver in a more powerful cartridge to compete with S&W. I think this would be a good idea and a great seller.

Sebastian found a photo showing a AR-15 bolt carrier with a Ruger logo. I have been harping on about a Ruger AR-15 for a long time. I hate to commit myself to this rumor because I have many times in the past and been wrong again and again.

The below images comes from the Ruger 2008 Annual Meeting report (I added blue arrows):

This year they introduced a compact carry revolver. This following image is from the Annual Meeting report held last month (I added blue arrows):

You can only tell your shareholders you are missing out on a major growth area so many times before they start getting angry! I reckon it will be an AR-15.

A **FAKE** photoshop I made back in 2007.

[ Pretty nifty alliteration in the blog post title 😉 ]

UPDATE: As many of you noted in the comments. Ruger unveiled a AR-15. Read my coverage here.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Rick Rick on Jun 13, 2009

    I wish Ruger would make a Real 1911, All steel version, instead of all the polimer and plastic junk guns.
    A 1911 with the same quality that they put into their revolvers.
    im sure the polimer and plastic guns work good for a while.
    But I would like to see a pistol that was made like the original.
    Built to survive a World War.

  • Komrad Komrad on Sep 02, 2009

    Ruger should start making Minis that take standard AR and AK mags. It would probably help Mini sales but it might hurt their magazine sales.