Side mounted sights on AR-15 ???

    I saw the below photo on the Sabre Defense website. Can someone please explain the reasoning behind mounting iron sights at a 45 to 75 degree angle?

    Picture 13-24

    My guess is that it allow quick transition between the Backup Iron Sights and the main EOTech holographic sight if the EOTech glass cracks up or something. Compared to a quick release mount for the EOTech, this seems like a poor solution. Firstly it would require a fair amount of practice to shoot accuracy in that position and secondly who wants sights sticking out the side, just waiting to snag on something (if you sights are going to be flipping down, reaching to flip them up surely would not take much longer than releasing a quick mount EOTech).

    Am I wrong? [edit: I am]

    UPDATE: ExurbanKevin and Tony explained in the comments that it is a 3-gun competition rig. In a competition some targets may be require to be hit with iron sights so this allows super quick transition.

    Steve Johnson

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