Robinson Arms XCR PDW

    Robarms will be making a PDW (personal defense weapon) version of their XCR rifle. The PDW has a shortened stock and a 9″ barrel. From the videos it looks like it will be available with either a fully automatic trigger group, for those who can buy such things legally, and a semi-automatic trigger group for the rest of us.

    So far they have a 5.56mm NATO and 7.62x39mm model.

    5.56mm NATO model

    7.62x39mm model

    Compare the sound and recoil of the 5.56 and 7.62 models in these videos:

    5.56mm NATO model

    7.62x39mm model

    A very sexy firearm that will be available in July. This video shows a 5.56mm semi-automatic model being shot:

    Also from Robarms is a new two stage trigger for the XCR called the Enhanced Trigger.

    This trigger is two-stage with a 3.5 pound pull. We’re calling it an “Enhanced Trigger” rather than a match trigger for several reasons. First, match triggers usually have very small tight control surfaces and/or small screws or springs that cannot hold up under tough use. Our Enhanced Trigger is a very light two-stage trigger that is very controllable whether shooting paper at a distance or at moving targets. We are taking orders for the Enhanced Trigger now. The parts consist of a a new trigger, hammer, and disconnect. They can be added to existing XCRs without modification to the rifle.

    UPDATE: 6.8 SPC is now also offered. Two models are available: the Mini (9″ barrel) and Micro (7.5″ barrel). The basic models cost $1500.

    Steve Johnson

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