Pakistan to arm civilians with 30,000 captured insurgent rifles

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The AFP reports that Pakistan will be distributing 30,000 confiscated rifles amongst villagers under the “Village Defence Rifle” programme:

Under the “Village Defence Rifle” programme, chief minister Ameer Haider Hoti has ordered the distribution of rifles among “peaceful individuals and organised groups,” a statement issued by Hoti’s office said.

“The move is aimed at increasing cooperation between people and police to check the activities of terrorists and saboteurs,” it said.

The cache of 30,000 rifles to be distributed among villagers had been confiscated by police from “terrorists and anti-social elements” and guns would be taken back if not used against militants, the statement said.

I think this is a good common sense approach to preventing Taliban encroachment into Pakistan. I hate reading about rifles and other small arms captured in Afghanistan and Iraq being destroyed when citizens are at risk of insurgent attacks.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Cannoneer No. 4 Cannoneer No. 4 on Mar 08, 2009

    Arming local irregulars is a proven counterinsurgency strategy. Armed Supportive Groups should be encouraged to help in the fight against Armed Opposition Groups.

    The Pashtun tribes are already armed with RPG's, DaShKas, AK's, SKS's, Lee-Enfields, and all kind of artisanal knock offs banged out in home workshops in places like Dara Adam Khel. Arming supportive groups with higher quality, serial-number recorded arms would have been an encouragement to join.

  • Phoenixritu Phoenixritu on Mar 20, 2009

    It is disturbing. I do not like this idea of arming people who can not be kept in check, whether they are Indian, Pakistani or from any where in the world. It makes the world more dangerous than it is already, proven counterinsurgency or not. Power corrupts they say, and arms=power in this world.