Daewoo K2 rifle prototype rail system

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

These photos are of a prototype rail system for the Daewoo K2, which is the assault rifle used by the Korean army.

Click to expand. Photo Chen “SMGLee” Lee. Used with permission.

Click to expand. Photo Chen “SMGLee” Lee. Used with permission.

Click to expand. Photo Chen “SMGLee” Lee. Used with permission.

I looks like a real improvement over the archaic standard K2 handguard.

Standard Handguard. Photo from Wikipedia.

Many thanks to Chen for the use of his photos.

More photos here.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • E Kim E Kim on Nov 22, 2010

    Not sure where Kyle is getting his info. But my friend who finished his conscripted service in the korean military heralded the durability of the k2 while he was there. As far as I know the only reason why the koreans use us products is bc we package our weapons into aid packages to allies. same reason why the israelis use the m4 as well. its definitely not b/c our stuff is better, its just cheaper.

  • Fallschirmjger Fallschirmjger on Feb 17, 2011

    War Wolf
    ... The Daewoo is no longer imported. It was one of the original piston operated AR's from the mid-80's.

    ...Yes, it's supposed to wobble, no problems.

    For those who have one, FAL handguards will fit with surprisingly little modification (either notch the front end for the sling swivel, or remove the swivel..)