Bolt action AR-15

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Ryo decided his Remington 700 did not cut it, so he built a bolt action AR-15. Basically it is a AR-15 with a side charging handle and a blocked gas port.

Instead, I bought a 26″ Krieger AR-15 Varmatch barrel, with a 1:7.75 twist. They had these in stock, so it showed up at my apartment in about 2 weeks. To block the gas port, I simply installed the gas block off-centered (then later rotated it upside down because I was getting stung by gas and ejecta which managed to leak through the gas block and out the rear-facing hole where the gas tube would normally be).

A great looking rifle and I am sure it functions well and the bolt can probably be worked faster than many straight pull bolt actions.

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Rignerd Rignerd on Nov 27, 2009

    He should have looked at the Tubb 2K

    The upper he used looks a lot like the Fulton Armory side cocking upper. I used the same thing in .308. But I kept the gas system intact since I live in a free state and can hunt with whatever I want.

    The real question is the rifle more accurate as a bolt action than a semi auto?

    • Steve Steve on Nov 27, 2009

      @Rignerd Rignerd, thanks for the link. In theory I suppose it would be slightly more accurate, although the high-end AR-15s are very accurate. With the cartridge being fed very smoothly, I would expect better accuracy.

  • Jeremy Jeremy on Mar 02, 2010

    technically it wouldn't be anymore accurate if the gas port isn't blocked cause you are still losing muzzle pressure after the gas block area... i would plug it.. it would increase exiting muzzle pressure and give a little incease to velocity ...... that in connection to some [if it is a 5.56x45] 69Gr HPBT that should have a superior accuracy in theory still depends who's hands it is in
    it wouldn't be considered a semi auto cause you need manual operation to chamber the next round....

    still a great idea good looking upper