US Soldier shoots photos with rifle stocked camera

    Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Duran takes photos with his camera mounted on a rifle stock-like device. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Gizmodo reports:

    Pointing a long lens mounted on a stock is indeed a recipe for getting shot if you’re not careful. In fact in training at Fort McCoy, Wi., I was “shot” by Soldiers on practice missions.

    Ok. It is an extremely stable platform to shoot pictures with (i.e. that’s why rifles are designed that way). It is very natural and comfortable which results in good images. When using long lenses, holding the camera steady is damn important.

    Gizmodo has photos of the rifle stocked camera.

    UPDATE: Albert in the comments pointed out that it the “stock” is a ” BushHawk:

     Bushhawk Images Itemslarge Bh-320D
    BushHawk 320D Shoulder Mount with double handle ($145)

    Steve Johnson

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