CAV-15 polymer AR-15 lower recievers back in production

    SayUncle and Oleg Volk report that the Calvary Arms CAV-15 MKII polymer AR-15 lower receivers are back in production after getting approved from the BATF.

    Last year in February the BATF confiscated their inventory. Apparently the feds were not happy about how the serial numbers were attached/moulded to the plastic.

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     Gallery D 26194-2 Shot+Flier+Front+V2
    Very pretty! (The “increased profits” refers to manufactures of AR-15 rifles)

     Gallery D 26197-2 Shot+Flier+Back

    From the press release:

    The CAV-15 MKII receivers are back in production, after receiving approval from BATF Technology Branch for the method of affixing the serial number plate to the lower. We are currently filling back orders for our dealers and OEM clients. We will begin taking retail orders when all dealer back orders are filled. Please check with our dealers to see if they have in stock what you need.

    We are currently not selling complete lowers, or complete rifles. Our vendors for these parts have substantial back orders. We currently have no ETA for these parts. If you are concerned about impending legislation, buy a lower receiver now and assemble it into a complete rifle when the supply chain stabilizes.

    Steve Johnson

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