Gamo Hunter Extreme

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Gamo have a new break barrel air rifle called the Hunter Extreme. They claim it is the fastest spring air gun on earth.

Gamo Hunter Extreme .22

The .22 rifle will push a lead pellet at 950 fps. From my limited knowledge of air guns, I think this is 10-20% more power. The downside is that is take 65 lbs of effort to cock the rifle.


Caliber: .22
Velocity: 1300 feet per second (fps) with PBA*, 950 fps with Lead
Max Energy: 32 Joules
Break Barrel: Single Cocking System
Barrel: Jacketed steel bull barrel
Cocking Effort: 65 lbs
Trigger: Second Stage adjustable

* Gamo PBA: Performance Ballistic Alloy. A lighter non-lead brand of pellets.

In a promotional video from Gamo a hunter takes down a 250 pound boar with the .177 model using the PBA pellet (being pushed at 1600 fp/s).

I am pretty skeptical about this video. I originally uploaded it to youtube to embed it on the blog but then decided to delete it. I do not think they should be encouraging kids to go pig hunting with a .177 air rifle. Especially since the video looks like a setup – a docile pig is shot at near point blank range from an elevated angle.

More info on the rifle and the video mentioned above can be had at the Hunter Extreme website.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Kahraman Kahraman on Apr 13, 2012

    hi i was looking for gamo hunter extreme, i looked at all websites they said they don't have it, if you have some i would love to buy 2 gamo hunter extreme. thank you.

  • Robert kurtzer Robert kurtzer on Aug 23, 2012

    I too own a benjamin trail np xl .22 rifle. This was my first air rifle. After reading hundreds of 5 star reviews and study of velocity and muzzle energy i chose this rifle for being what seems to be most accurate and powerfull on market. I couldent be happier and any one who thinks this is not a deadly weapon is either not aware that most small handguns fire 1100/1400 fps or has yet to fire this beautifull weapon. Accuracy increases with every pull of the trigger. As does velocity