ArmaLite AR-10T now in 7mm-08 and .260 Rem

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

ArmaLite has their new AR-10T chambering 7mm-08, a very popular hunting round. Interestingly they are also offering it in the the relatively obscure .260 Remington. The .260 is now 11 years olds and gaining popularity as a flat shooting and low recoil 6.5mm cartridge.

AR-10T. Click to expand. Photo Copyright Ken Lunde. Used with permission.
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • JACK JACK on Mar 31, 2009

    The 7MM 08 is a great round in a ar-10. It has better ballistic performance than a 308, and it uses a heavier bullet than a .243. My Ar-10 in 7mm 08 is very accurate with 1 moa. It something armalite should have done a long time ago instead of producing the .243.

  • Artful Artful on Sep 20, 2009

    243 in semi auto if fired rapidly has hugh problem with throat erosion - several people on have convered their FAL's and found they will be getting a new barrel in very short order - same if you did something like a 22-250 but even quicker.