Civilian FN SCAR 16S Pricing

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

You better sell your first born, get a second job and start saving: the SCAR-L 16S has an MSRP of $2,696.56.

FNH SCAR 16S (actual photo, not the military version)

itstock posted the information at

They are now available, and allocated to certain distributors at a set number. The MSRP that FN states is still 100% correct at $2,696.56, and EXPECT TO PAY THIS. Your dealer does not have much wiggle room!

They come in FDE with 16″ barrels, and either a 10 or 30 round mag.

If you want one, GO ORDER IT NOW! There will not be a large run as of now, and dealers are ordering for themselves to sell on GB and the like! !

Also, the SCAR-H has not been released in any way, no pricing, and no order information.

It sort of make the civilian Steyr AUG SA seem cheap at a mere $2295.00!

The SCAR-H referred to above is the 7.62mm NATO (.308 Win.) model.

Thanks to Raif for the tip.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Tonocilot Tonocilot on Feb 11, 2012

    I love the Scar-H, sad part is I live in California so there is no possibility of me ever getting it unless I move to a Gun-Friendly state. But regardless of where I live any thing over 3,000 for a scar-H is not worth it. Even if you purchase any type of firearm (pistol or otherwise) if at any point this nation would come on the verge of civil war. The U.S. Government would cease all weapons. I mean its more likely we would get hit by a zombie apocalypse, yet with Gun Law restrictions growing and tightening up like a noose around the neck. Its only a matter of time before Fire Arms are completely illegal.

    The Funny thing is, Gun laws do not protect the American Public yet restrict them of the ability to protect themselves. A gun carrying criminal will carry a gun regardless of what the law states. Yet a Law Abiding citizen will not carry one if the law says they cant. Gun laws rob Americans of there constitutional right to "bear arms". Yea the above was a huge jump off subject but I wanted to say it lol

  • Wharfrat1940 Wharfrat1940 on Feb 19, 2012

    I just purchased a new SCAR 16S Special Edition with a SN below 50 equiped with an EOTech 555 (also special edition, low SN for $4995. The gun store owner got FN to let him have this rifle several years ago and it has never been fired. He also threw in a nice case, several extra magazines, two 100 rd boxes of 5.56 x 45 mm ammo. This brings the actual cost of only the rifle somewhere around $4300. I know that not many people will pay this much, and I actually thought about it for 2-3 days, plunking down the cc just 3 hours ago! Looking forward to testing her out at the range. I might add that I also own these other FN guns - the PS-90, FN-2000 and their pistol known as the Five-seveN. I love all of them and am looking forward to getting acquainted and firing the SCAR 16S