Civilian FN SCAR 16S Pricing

    You better sell your first born, get a second job and start saving: the SCAR-L 16S has an MSRP of $2,696.56.

    FNH SCAR 16S (actual photo, not the military version)

    itstock posted the information at

    They are now available, and allocated to certain distributors at a set number. The MSRP that FN states is still 100% correct at $2,696.56, and EXPECT TO PAY THIS. Your dealer does not have much wiggle room!

    They come in FDE with 16″ barrels, and either a 10 or 30 round mag.

    If you want one, GO ORDER IT NOW! There will not be a large run as of now, and dealers are ordering for themselves to sell on GB and the like! !

    Also, the SCAR-H has not been released in any way, no pricing, and no order information.

    It sort of make the civilian Steyr AUG SA seem cheap at a mere $2295.00!

    The SCAR-H referred to above is the 7.62mm NATO (.308 Win.) model.

    Thanks to Raif for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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