Ruger Blackhawk Flattop 44 Special

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Next year (2009) Lipsey’s LLC is selling an exclusive line of Ruger Blackhawk Flattop 44 Special revolvers. Two models will be available, one with a 5.5″ barrel and another with a 4 5/8″ barrel.

4 5/8″ model.

Hat Tip: Outdoor Wire

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Tom Butler Tom Butler on Feb 18, 2009

    OK Folks, I did go out and shoot the 5 1/2" .44 Special today, Feb. 17th. Nice shooter with lighter loads...say 5.0 gr Unique with an Oregon Trail 240 grain SWC, possibly a 200 gr RNFP. I also used some Trail Boss light loads with RNFP bullets. I had all this ammo around to shoot in .44 Mags, wimp that I am. IMHO, the recoil of the .44 Special Blackhawk is a knuckle rapper with more than 5 gr of Unique. I did notice that this particular gun shot way to the left, even when the sight was adjusted appropriatly. This was true for me as well as a buddy who is a good shot. Anyone have any ideas about this ? Drop me an e-mail at AC7AM [a t ] Cox

    net. I once had a Single Six with a barrel cocked about 5 degrees to the left. Ruger fixed it. Anyway, whatda ya think? RSVP

  • John Nelson "Jack" John Nelson "Jack" on May 05, 2009

    You're sure peaking my interest in this gun. I have an S&W Mod 624 in "The Special", and I usually load it around 6.5 gr Unique with a .430-.431-inch 240 grain hardcast semi-wadcutter. I find that less than this really cakes my chambers with leading. My Speer tables tell me I should be getting around 850+ fps, (give or take 30' or so). What kind of velocity does 5.0 grains give you, and what kind of a lead build up do you get at the chamber mouths? I have hands that are medium to small, so I was considering this model in this caliber.
    The way you write above, I surmise you know your stuff when it comes to shooting techniques, so I won't presume to offer gripping advice re: the leftward shots. I'd send it to the factory with a letter of explanation. Ruger has always been extremely good to me when it came to backing up their products.