Finnish military suspects Russia copied thier camo

    The Fins are not happy with the Russians. reports:

    The Finnish Defence Forces are investigating what they suspect is unauthorised copying of the M05 camouflage pattern by the Russian military, Finnish business daily Taloussanomat reported on its website Tuesday.

    The M05 battledress pattern is a protected design.

    According to Taloussanomat, a pattern bearing striking resemblance to the M05 had been seen in Russia’s Yeger battledress in news footage.

    800Px-M05 Woodland Pattern
    Finnish M05 woodland pattern (photo from Wikipedia)

    Picture 62
    New Russian Camo that was on display
    earlier this year (2008) (Photo from


    BallisticBaggins in the comments think this may be the camo the Fins are referring to (see comments below for more information):

    Picture 64

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