4th Generation Glock? I think it is a fake

    UPDATE: It is real.

    I saw this ad, purportedly for the next generation Glock, over at Xavier’s blog:

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    I think, and hope, it is a fake. The “fish gill” slide serrations look too “pretty”, not at all “glock-like”.

    Picture 40-1
    Fish gills. Sorry, I had to make my point 😉

    If you look closely at the rear slide serrations and compare them to the zoomed in version you can see that the spacing does not match up. But, as someone at GlockTalk pointed out, it is not uncommon for gun companies to photoshop advertisements, sometimes displaying another gun all together.

    GlockTalk has a long discussion about the so called 4th gen Glock.

    Real or fake? What do you think?

    4th gen Glock. Real or Fake?


    I have been analyzing the image. In my opinion it is defiantly photoshopped.

    *** I do realize this is an advertisement, the fact that it has been photoshopped does not mean it is a fake. ***

    Consider the Glock logo on the grip and on the flashlight. Look how perfect they are. This is a low resolution image. The logo borders are pretty much 1 pixel wide if you ignore the apparent anti-aliasing around the edge.

    The image is very low resolution, and is a compressed JPEG, and has very bright lighting. This is far too much detail.

    Picture 41

    Picture 42

    Compare it to the zoomed in image of the Glock photo in the Glock Catalog:

    Picture 54

    The lines are also too perfect. Everything appears parallel, exactly, when zoomed in (I rotated the image). The lines should not be so distinct on a low resolution, highly lit up, zoomed in photo.

    Picture 53

    No rear sight, at this angle we should be able to see it.

    Picture 55

    The Glock catalog photo was taken at a lower angle and the rear sight is visible.

    Picture 56
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    This “fish gills” are also much too perfect and apart from some “anti-aliasing” are nearly identical. Again, a low resolution, zoomed in, highly lit (think shadows),compressed JPEG photo should not have this kind of detail.

    Picture 44-1

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