Mexicans seize massive arsenal

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson


Army troops seized 400 pistols and rifles, 500,000 bullets, 165 grenades, several grenade launchers, six heavy machine guns and an anti-tank rocket launcher.

Assistant Attorney General Marisela Morales said the arsenal “is the largest in the history of Mexico.”

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Hollywood bling. Note the two revolving multi-shot grenade launchers.

That is some serious firepower!

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Juan Juan on May 15, 2009

    ill tell you were 95% of those guns came from

    maddi's with full auto selectors they just threw in a few wasr10's to say
    all those guns were from the u.s. last time i checked you cant get a RPG7 rocket luanchers or chinese type 56 well not a real type 56 ak's none of this civiliian bull crap conveted to full auto. uzi smg's stamped iwi the ammo in the belt is for a fn mag gpmg basically a version of the m240 gulf machine gun
    used by "england" and the ar15s were stolen from police armories in mexico
    and real ak74su's from russia these

    and yes i know about class three weapons but trust me these were not from the u.s.

    50,000 mexican soldiers have gone awol with there weapons
    80% off which i under stand are going home to protect there familes and towns why becuase even if you are a regular soldier the cartels have a price on your head and your family just becuase you work for the goverment

    Hugo Chávez Venezuela GOVERNMENT has been supplied by russia for many years and hes got beef with mexico im talkenthere might be a war between mexico Venezuela

    elsalvador and they are not left over weapons from the civil war down there years back

    the IRA's arms dealers yes i do mean the Irish Republican Army

    the russian organized crime cidicates they do some arms dealing but there main hustle is human trafficking

    the only thing thats from the us is the ammo and a few pistols and those p90's and fs2000's and five seven pistols may be a couple of thse 50 bmg's
    but there making it seem like all guns are comin from here

    by the way the gold and nickle plated pistols is how the Distinguse there rank in the cartels no dude i dont think youell be seing them on

    and i dont know why this is getting any attention now that obama is in office this war war has been waging for years and nobody noticed

    the reason thst we are being told that 99% of the guns are from the us is becuase the mexican government needs help us troops is what there hoping for but what they got was 5,000 dea & fbi angents and black water pmc's

    and i got this from a very reliable sources

  • Lance Lance on Jul 15, 2009

    Love the Golden M-92 Beretta.