Iraqi confiscated "weapons"

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I got a really good laugh from these photos. The caption is:

Iraqi soldiers display confiscated weapons and ammunition at a Military base in Baquba, northeast of Baghdad, Iraq, 08 September 2008, following a military operation in the outskirts of the city

Now look at the weapons:

If I had this kind of junk I would pay them to remove it. The officer pictured above, a Captain, seems impressed enough to take a photo. Maybe they are moonlighting as Garbage removal professionals 😉

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Jcamelo Jcamelo on Oct 25, 2008

    lol ;) sweet pellet gun jeez i kno cuz i have the same 700 feet per second one at home. lmao.

  • Crabula Crabula on Apr 23, 2009

    Yup! Definately an air rifle stock, but I don't really see a barrel or any hardware to go with it. If you look closely, you can see the reciever assembly of an RPK, which would explain the magazines. It would seem that there are some abuses that even the great Kalashnikov can not handle. All and all, I don't think that there are enough parts in that pile to assemble even a single complete firearm.