Tibetan monks "hording" arms says Chinese

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The Chinese reported that Tibetan monks have been hoarding vast quantities of arms …

“In the past two days, local police found three rifles, 571 bullets, 10kg of dynamite, five detonators and 38 satellite receivers in 11 key monasteries in Jone and Xiahe counties, and Hezuo City in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Xinhua reported.

I would not call 571 rounds a “cache” and for all we know they could be .22LR or guns kept from any of the past centuries wars. Satellite receivers probably means GPS devices.

I think the majority of the readers of this blog have more arms in their safe than all monks in China.

Citizens are not allowed to own firearms in China. Foreigners will be allowed to bring in their firearms in for the Olympics.

More at BBC

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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