1911 assembly 3D animation

    This amazing 3D animation shows a 1911 being assembled. Made with the free open source Blender software, it is the best video I have seen on the internet in a long time.

    The description:

    This is an animation i made in blender of a colt 1911. all of the parts are modeled to blueprint specifications

    it took me about 100 … all hours to model all of the pieces and about 10 to get the animation done. rendering was a multipass process, using yafray for a high quality GI render, then using blender for a post process DOF blur total rendering time was around 500 hours on a core 2 quad

    I have a friend who can make some amazing models using blender. I have tried but I am not very skilled. I have always wanted to model one of those cut away animations of a rifle or pistol.

    Hat Tip: Freedom Sight

    Steve Johnson

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