Jack Ruby's Colt Cobra is going on auction

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

From Reuters

He said the Colt Cobra revolver used by Jack Ruby to kill Oswald in 1963, just days after Oswald was arrested for assassinating Kennedy, could fetch several million dollars alone. The initials of detectives who handled the gun are scratched on it.

Personally I would not want to own a murder weapon, be it a gun, knife, stick etc.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Andy Andy on Aug 05, 2008

    Wouldn't mind it at all. Not the gun that committed the crime, but the person. In this case their is historical value to owning the weapon.

  • Danny Danny on Aug 08, 2009

    No gun can align it's own sights and then pull it's own trigger.....the person holding the gun does those things......to borrow an old saying; "Guns don't kill people.....people kill people." Personally, I would love to have it.....would make a great companion piece for my Detective Special. :)