Fascinating article on North Korean Anti-Aircraft Artillery

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Planeman has written a fascinating article, “Bluffer’s guide: Fortress North Korea”, about North Korean AAA (Anti-Aircraft Artillery). It has has lots of 3D diagrams and google earth satellite photos. It is well worth reading.

AAA Coverage of Pyongyang

It is a classic example of how the internet enables the use unclassified information to create detailed reports on topics normally only accessible by intelligence personal.

Read it here.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Aircraft parts Aircraft parts on Jul 03, 2008

    It really is a classic example of how the internet enables the use information to create detailed reports on different topics.

  • Josepk kuhn Josepk kuhn on Jun 01, 2009

    n korea is the worlds most unstabilizing country. its doctrin is war its society has been berd for war, its people are so brainwashed htey would eat each other rather than accept the worlds help. this nation will go to war in the near future it feels that being so close to china it is somehow protected. its anti aircraft guns pose no problem for our stealth planes the world is seeing a buildup slowly just like the germans. why the world lets this tiny country dictate to it is a mystery. the world vowed that another nazi type country would never be allowed to form but here it is. it cares not what the world says or does its retoric we place more worry on iran granted it is a huge threat but we and our nwhatever the world does to it no matter how minor it is an act of war against it. we the protectors of south korea must show much more force move artillary with nucucal tipped shels, a lot of them near the border. now we sit by and allow an uncontrolled country to test a misile that can reach alaska, how much longer will it take them to build one that reaches the u.s.a. heartland. it can already hit many nato countrys now.we must act strong we should confront n korea let isrial and our allies keep iran in check for now. there are many bad spots on the globe but these 2 are the worse even toping the terriorststs. their attacks are small in comparison to what n korea and iran can do. a 3rd world war is looming in the distance as stated by n korea " if anyprovoctive act would be escalted to a neucular war. what else needs to be said, these words never even came out of russia or china. china saved n korea once now it has a war monger state on its borders, china look to the future of your people your great strides and cut the bootstraps to n korea or you will loose all you have accomplished.
    joseph kuhn