Unique Enfield .45 conversion kits

    Special Interest Arms are selling a new .45 Enfield kits. Richard at SIA send me an email about the new kit:

    I have been busy getting my Enfield .45 conversion kits designed, manufactured, and ready to sell. Today I achieved that goal, I now have kits in stock for immediate delivery. They are vastly improved over the defunct “Rhineland” kits!

    The magazine adaptors fit the receiver without having to force them in, the magazine latch locates the magazine properly, it no longer sticks through the gun when inserted with the bolt open. The magazine latch is a lever, it points toward the bottom of the adaptor, no more having to cut your trigger guard or wood!

    I incorporate an actual ejector, so the converted rifle actually ejects the spent round.

    I use Montana Rifleman® match grade barrels. Barrels may be ordered in 16.5″-18.0″ length, they may be ordered pre-threaded for a suppressor or flash hider.

    Several units will be shipped next week, I look forward to the buyers feed-back as I am positive they will be pleased.

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    45 Enfield
    If this is not cool, I don’t know what is. Complete with AR-15 stock and pistol grip.

    The current .45 adaptor, greatly improved over the defunct Rhineland version.

    They look great and I am sure will sell well.

    More info available at Special Interest Arms.

    Steve Johnson

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