Weatherby PA-08

    For most hunters, the pump shotgun served as their introduction to wingshooting. Easy-to-use, no-nonsense design, dependable in the field, the pump is generally regarded as the “4×4” of field guns. Our new line of PA-08 pump shotguns carries that tradition forward in typical Weatherby function and style. Designed on a similar frame as our popular semi-automatics, the Turkish-made PA-08 features a single action bar design that is straightforward, overbuilt and made for round after round of high volume action. Choose from four different models, including wood, synthetic and camo options.

    The PA-08 Comes in four versions.

    PA-08 Upland

    Pa08 Upland Big

    Combines rock-solid dependability and performance with attention to detail.

    * Walnut stock with low lustre finish
    * Heavy-duty dual bar slide action
    * All metalwork is matte black to reduce glare
    * Vented top rib dissipates heat and aids in target acquisition
    * Available in 12 gauge, 3″ chamber
    * Comes with three application-specific choke tubes

    MSRP $349*

    PA-08 Knoxx Strutter X Camo

      Images Products Shotguns  Enlarge Pa08 Knoxx Strutter Big

    Innovative stock design yields reduced recoil with the concealment of Apparition Excelâ„¢ camo pattern

    * Knoxx stock reduces recoil and is instantly adjustable to fit any shooter
    * Features Apparition Excelâ„¢ camo pattern for the ultimate in concealment
    * Heavy-duty dual bar slide action
    * Vented top rib with fiber optic front sight dissipates heat and aids in target acquisition
    * Available in 12 gauge, 3″ chamber
    * Comes with three application-specific choke tubes

    MSRP $579*

    The patented Knoxx SpecOps stock will change the way you think about shotguns…reducing the recoil of even the heaviest loads by up to 95%. Originally designed for law enforcement applications, the innovative stock design offers more than 4″ of buttstock adjustment to instantly fit any size shooter, along with a traditional pistol grip design for sure handling in the field. Special polymer and alloy construction delivers year after year of reliable use.
    CNC-machined receiver

    Aircraft-grade alloys are used to machine the PA-08 receiver. Extremely lightweight, yet incredibly strong for years of dependable use. Functional design features a drop-out trigger assembly for ease of cleaning, integrated safety button and easy-to-access pump slide release button.

    PA-08 Knoxx Strutter X Synthetic

    Pa08 Knoxx Synth Big
    Innovative Knoxx stock adjusts to fit any size shooter while reducing recoil up to 95%.

    * Heavy-duty dual bar slide action
    * All metalwork is matte black to reduce glare
    * Vented top rib dissipates heat and aids in target acquisition
    * Available in 12 gauge, 3″ chamber
    * Comes with three application-specific choke tubes

    MSRP $499*

    PA-08 Knoxx HD

      Images Products Shotguns  Enlarge Pa08 Knoxx Hd Big

    All the advantages of the Knoxx stock, designed specifically for home protection and defense.

    * Shorter 18″ barrel length is ideal in close
    * Black synthetic Knoxx SpecOps stock adjusts instantly to fit any size shooter
    * Patented system curbs recoil by as much as 95%
    * Fixed (Cylinder) choke
    * Available in 12 gauge, 3″ chamber
    * Maximum magazine capacity – 5 rounds (2 3/4″)

    MSRP $499*
    The press release:

    Dependability and affordability have merged with Weatherby’s® penchant for a look that instills pride in ownership with introduction of a new line of pump action shotguns.

    “Most bird hunters cut their teeth with pump shotguns,” said Brad Ruddell, Weatherby’s vice president of sales and marketing, “and many continue to use them throughout their hunting careers. Our PA-08 line blends the best of the pump action design-durability, dependability and affordability, with the upgraded touches Weatherby is known for.”

    The PA-08 Upland model has a stock and forend of Turkish walnut with a high-gloss finish, forend finger grooves and quality-cut checkering. With its functioning recoil pad, the Upland is simply more shotgun for the money.

    The PA-08’s alloy receiver reduces overall weight and improves the balance of the shotgun. The receiver and barrel feature high-lustre metal work and are available in 12 gauge with a three-inch chamber. The PA-08’s chrome-lined barrels and lengthened forcing cones reduce felt recoil and can withstand years of high-volume shooting. The chrome lining also reduces the effort needed for cleaning. In addition to the barrels, the receiver features a chrome-plated bolt that prevents action from binding and eases operation. Similar to the SA-08 Semi-Automatic line, the PA-08’s drop-out trigger system can be removed and reassembled quickly for easy cleaning.

    With the exception of the Home Defense model (Cylinder Choke), three application-specific choke tubes (Improved Cylinder, Modified and Full, or Modified Full and Extra Full on the Strutter X models) are included with each PA-08 model. The screw-in Integral Multi-Choke System is compatible with the Briley® thread pattern and allows shooters to tailor their shot patterns for specific needs.

    Available PA-08 models include the Upland, Knoxx Strutter X Camo, Knoxx Strutter X Synthetic and Knoxx HD (Home Defense).

    The Knoxx Strutter X Camo, Strutter X Synthetic and HD models feature composite forends and a Knoxx adjustable, pistol-grip stock. The patented stock system can reduce recoil by as much as 95 percent.

    Designed for turkey hunters, the Knoxx Strutter X models feature vented top ribs for heat dissipation and fiber optic front sights for quick target acquisition. The Strutter X Synthetic has matte black metalwork. Similar in appearance, the Strutter X Camo features hydrographic dip Skyline Apparition Excelâ„¢ camouflage.

    The Knoxx HD model features a shorter, 18-inch barrel specifically designed for home protection and defense.

    The MSRPs of the shotguns are $349 for the Upland, $499 for both the Strutter X Synthetic and Knox HD, and $579 for Knoxx Strutter X Camo. For more information contact a local Weatherby dealer or Weatherby, Inc., 1605 Commerce Way, Paso Robles, Calif. 93446; (805) 227-2600. Or, visit

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