H&K Introducing civilian 416 and 417 in Germany. USA assumed to follow

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Yes, I know, I am the last gun blogger to blog about this!

From HKPRO.com

While sources in the U.S. report that the civilian 416/417 will not be ready for SHOT Show 2008, it might possibly be by NRA show, with an estimated preparedness for production in Q3, 2008. One can easily understand why with a projected deadline and unforeseen delays and missed deadlines creates hostility in the gun buying public, that they are now hesitant to be held to that. I can only commend them for that. Progressive companies like MAGPUL have ceased giving estimated delivery dates for their new products completely. So, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to stroll into your authorized HK dealer for a new 416 or 417 until 2009 at the earliest. But still, how much better than not at all?

Photos from the BKA document approving the MR223 and MR308 rifles (416 and 417) for German civilian sales.

The impact on those selling existing upper receivers from lawfully imported select fire 416s will be immediately obvious. Many gunowners will jump at the chance to own an HK manufactured piston driven AR variant or upper receiver kit. Some will not, forever having forsworn any allegiance to HK after the initial “thumbing of the nose” at the civilian HK customer. While HK is primarily a gun manufacturer specializing in police and military firearms, one only need to look in the gun safe for an HK91, 93 or 94 to remember the different perspective that HK had at one time. However, 2007 is not 1983, neither in managerial philosophy nor statutorily. And one must remain mindful of that.

It will be interesting to see what the eventual price will be.

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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