New Compact Optical Sight (Combat Sight) Introduced for Urban Warfare Apps

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

DefenseReview has info on new FERFRANS FAS combat optic/sight

“This concept started when my instructor for the FERFRANS Full-Auto Course complained that the aimpoint and the EOTech [550-series] was too big for a sighting system. He opted to use the iron sights. So we did a lot of testing and he finally agreed that the red dot or the EOTech’s circle dot is faster, but it’s too big that it will block his view. So I thought of a smaller sight that is compact and small like the DocterSight. The only problem [with] the DocterSight is it is not robust enough for combat duty. So we created the FAS. I had some Navy SEALs test it in our full-auto course and they all love it. There were civilians that tested the fast and they have nothing negative to say about it. The dot is 3MOA. It uses a lithium battery 3V, CR2032. It similar to the DocterSight. It has a brightness sensor with the Seals using it at noon time with no problems of brightness. All other specifications are the same as the DocterSight.”

The FERFRANS FAS combat optic/sight is ideally-suited to CQB/CQC applications, but it can also be used to engage targets out to medium distances (as far as 200-300 yards) with its 3-MOA dot.

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Subase Subase on May 16, 2010

    great idea, always thought the aim point was too restricting of field view in dynamic CQB situations. (essentially almost eliminating an entire eyes field view.)