Savage LE 10FP – choate photo and review

    I came across a *great* photo of the Savage LE 10FP (click to increase size) by Md 25v @ RFC:


    I love the green/black scope in the background matching the rifle colors!

    A review @ gunblast:

    Whether or not this level of accuracy is needed in a .308 built for tense social situations can be argued either way. However, it is nice to know that target-grade accuracy is there if needed for that long range shot that might mean life or death. The Savage 10FP-LE2 delivers the inherent accuracy, reliability, and precision of rifles costing thousands of dollars more, in a rifle that currently lists for only $578.

    If you need several rifles to outfit a tactical shooting team for a government agency, or are just an individual wanting a precision rifle for target shooting or hunting, I highly recommend the Savage 10FP, in any of its variations. Spend the money you save on a quality scope and good ammunition. Spending more on the rifle will not buy you any more accuracy or reliability than that which comes standard on the Savage.

    More here.

    Steve Johnson

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