CZ Pistol with Bayonet and Breech Teeth

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

“GUNRUNNERS OF PA” @ PFOA posted some photos of his new CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical which includes a bayonet and breech teeth.

Sure it is useless …. but different!

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Click here for more photos.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • NamibGunSlinger NamibGunSlinger on Oct 12, 2012

    The breech teeth and bayonet, may seem useless to some people, but from my personal experience as an armed rasponder in Johannesburg South Africa, i would have felt a lot more prepared going into residence that had armed assailants hiding in it, if i had had a bayonet attached to the end of my sidearm. In a closed environment such as a residential home, most contact with the enemy takes place between 0 to 7 feet, added to the fact of how South African law works (works for the criminal) 90 percent of time it is a NO SHOOT contact. So while you are trying to fend off an attacker who will not allow you to detain him and who would also like to forcefully acquire your sidearm, you just don't have the time to whip out an extendable baton or dig in your pocket for that EMERGENCY BACKUP blade you so thoughtfully bought for such a scenario. My opinion is that, it is a clever aid and will be valued by most individual's who are serious about home defense or residential close quarters combat.

  • Tango Down Tango Down on Jan 21, 2013

    I can't help but to wonder if the bayonet and breach teeth mount might be available separate from the CZ pistol?