FAMAS, the French Bugle

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Famous Guns has nice write up a about the french assault rifle, the FAMAS (Fusil Automatique, Manufacture d’Armes de St. Etienne), and it’s


Development of this rifle began in 1967, under the leadership of the Paul Tellie, a French arms designer. This new rifle was intended to replace in service the MAS Mle.49/56 semi-automatic rifles, MAT-49 submachine guns and some MAC Mle.1929 light machine guns. First FAMAS prototype had been built in 1971. French military began to test this rifle in 1972-73, but, in the meantime, France adopted a Swiss-designed SIG SG-540 5.56mm assault rifle as an intermediate solution. FAMAS rifle was adopted by the French in 1978 and since then became a standard French Army shoulder fired small arm.

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Aidan Convery Aidan Convery on Jan 12, 2011

    My comments on the rifle were robust and should have provoked debate: are we all now so nerdish and sanitised that that is heresy?! My comment stands: the rifle is a glorified pistol and underpowered.

  • Aidan Convery Aidan Convery on Jan 12, 2011

    The new AK200 - 60 round mag. - now THAT'S a rifle.