The Gun Nut: African Shooting Lessons

    A humorous blog post from Dave Petzal:

    If you are not familiar with the 8-bore, it shoots a 1,250-grain conical bullet at about 1,500 fps, or an 860-grain round ball at 1,650 fps ….. This year, one of the .375 shooters got the chance to try it, and asked me if he should.

    “Sure,” I said, “it will take you into a whole new world of pain that you never dreamed of.”

    The round ball shot out of an 8 bore has a diameter on .820 inches! That is just over 20mm!

    In one of the comments ThreePutt wrote:

    “You teach a good lesson: One mans kick is another mans recoil.”

    Very well said, I could not put it better myself!

    Some of the other comments pointed out the dangers of both perceived recoil (how bad it feels to you) and actual recoil. I recommend reading the comments.

    Below if a picture of an 8-bore rifle, it may be a Greener, but I am not sure:

    8 Bore Rifle

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