Thanks to d_grey for sharing these pics of some custom guns he came across in Pakistan.

d_grey here (again) with more local AK variant pics. I took these recently in Gujranwala (a city in Punjab, Pakistan) while on routine inspection work. The first three gun pics are a semi-automatic shotgun made by some Italian company called Valtro (does this company even exist?).
The second series of pics is of a heavily modified Darra made AKM (a very good copy too according to the owner) that was converted from an automatic rifle to a semi-automatic shotgun – the barrel was specially imported (I’m guessing it’s a VEPR or SAIGA part) whereas the magazine was also modified, it can hold 8 rounds by the wayway (checked it myself). The owner of the gun also had a modified drum magazine which he claimed holds up to 45 rounds and, he stated the gun was fired in shotgun configuration in full auto (under gassed I might add) and depleted the drum magazine in about 9-10 seconds, but had heavy recoil and….was incredibly fun to shoot.
According to Nathaniel F. The mystery round is 8mm.
Here are the shotguns.


  • Imran

    During my time visiting Karachi, I saw a very similar underfolder AK shotgun to one pictured above, but it had an AR15 style front sight post. It was at a gun shop on Saddar Road, and if I recall it was probably selling for $120-$300, not that I could buy it. They also had fixed stock versions with no front sight post.

    Here’s an image dump of some poor quality shots I took with horrible reflections in the glass. I was in a hurry and couldn’t take better pictures.

    • Imran

      Here’s one more of an underfolder that I don’t think was a shotgun.

      • Johnsmyname

        Very cool, thanks for sharing Imran! Anymore back story or details on the Paki gun shops?

        • Imran

          I only went to two during my time there, and my visits were brief. The one I took the pictures above was very small, with more locally produced guns and lower end firearms.

          However, the one I went to in the Defence area of Karachi was much nicer. Bigger overall shop, better selection of handguns, rifles, and accessories, and younger more knowledgeable staff. They told me getting a glock in Pakistan could set you back $1200-$2000. They had a selection of foreign guns as well, including Taurus and some Eastern European stuff.

          If I ever go back, I’ll try to take better pictures for sure.

    • d_grey

      Assallam o Aleikum Imran Bhai, pic # 2 is a Saiga, they’re still imported and well, the price fluctuates from area to area.
      I’d recommend that you visit point blank at Khadda Market or Tactical Arms (main Khayaban-e-Shamsheer) when you visit Karachi next, they have a good selection of arms and better prices.
      Also would you happen to remember the DHA shop name that you visited? I’m looking to purchase a pistol and would prefer going to a trusted place.

      • Imran

        Hey there,

        Unfortunately I do not remember the name of the shop.

        All I remember is that I think it was near Phase V extension and that there was a guitar/music shop near it.

        • d_grey

          Got it, it’s near Axact, I’ll visit that place then. 🙂
          Thank you!

  • Brett baker

    Neat stuff! I think Valtro shotguns used to be imported by EAA.

    • Haulin’ Oats

      Chances are it’s a Pakistani Knockoff using the name and logo with out permission or royalties.

  • SP mclaughlin

    That’s a Valtro PM-5, although Valtro no longer exists. I think they’re still made by some Benelli subsidiary.

    • d_grey

      Thanks for identifying! I was wondering which brand this was!

  • john huscio

    8mm mauser AK……drool

    • Yugoslavia did a “sniper” (more of a DMR, by US standards), similar to the SVD in concept (although wholly based on the Yugoslavian variant of the AK – there is no Dragunov in there), in 8mm Mauser. Because, for the longest time, Yugoslavia’s “full power” rifle/machinegun round was 8mm (they still built and issued MG42s, after all).

      They only switched over to 7.62x54mmR for their MGs and sniper rifles near the end of the Cold War.

  • d_grey

    Bless you man! 😀

  • gunsandrockets

    something isn’t right

    The “Valtro” shotgun in the TFB photo very much looks like a semi-auto not a pump-action, but your wikipedia link says the PM-5 is a pump-action

  • gunsandrockets

    Those Kalashnikovs looks like machined receivers, not stamped; so not AKM knockoffs?

  • BrandonAKsALot

    The 8mm AK is missing the rear sight leaf. The absolute hodge-podge of AK parts they get and assemble are the best part of seeing these things.