New TriggerTech DIAMOND Triggers for Remington 700 Rifles

TriggerTech has introduced a new trigger for Remington 700 rifles. It is called “Diamond” and features their Variable Rate Adjustment Technology and Pro Curved trigger lever. The new trigger is designed for competition shooters. It can be adjusted from 4 oz to 32 oz.

When developing the Diamond trigger their R&D team faced a number of challenges. Particularly, with the existing technology, they had to choose between offering finer weight adjustment settings with a short adjustment range or coarser adjustment increments with longer adjustment range. Neither of the options was satisfying for them and they came up with their Variable Rate Adjustment Technology. This technology allows having the mentioned two options at the same time. In 4 oz to 9 oz range, the adjustment increments are 0.2 oz per click. From 9 oz to 32 oz it becomes a bit coarser providing 1 oz per click adjustability.

Also, one of the key features of this trigger which allows going to such light trigger pull weighs is the TriggerTechs rolling friction technology with a roller between the trigger and sear engagement surfaces.

According to TriggerTech, these trigger weight numbers are true for factory Remington 700 firing pin springs. If your spring is different then it will change the numbers.

L-R: Traditional Curved, Pro Curved, Flat Straight 

The Pro Curved trigger lever is a blend of their Traditional Curved and Flat Straight triggers featuring the geometry of the former and the smooth surface of the latter. The Diamond trigger can be ordered with all the mentioned trigger shoe types.

The Diamond trigger is available on TriggerTech website at MSRP of $279.99 with the Pro Curved trigger shoe. The price for the other two trigger shoe options is a bit less – $259.99.

Hrachya H

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  • QuadGMoto

    But a new bill introduced by a Republican that’s in agreement with the NRA’s preemptive throat baring on fast rates of fire will probably make this trigger illegal to own. 😡 😡 😡 (See Tim’s latest video on Military Arms Channel.)

  • Hikfromstik

    I have the trigger tech “special” that came on my Master piece arms 6.5 creedmore . Its factory set for 1.5lbs . I turned it to 1lbs and OMG it’s so light . This new diamond line is gonna put the hurt on Jewell triggers when word gets out. I can’t imagine needing anything lighter than 1lb , but it’ll be fun trying it below what mine does now. Ths price is the only CON .

  • John

    Not bad. Now if they can make a safety that won’t fail, they’ll get a LOT of new business.