MK Machining Bullpup Remington 700 Chasis

    Right before SHOT show MK Machining announced a bullpup stock chassis for the Remington 700 with posts to various social media outlets including Reddit and Facebook. We have seen a few attempts at a bullpup Remington 700 stock in the past, but there does not appear to be a readily available option to the bullpup enthusiast unless you want to make your own stock. MK Machine promises to change all that.

    The MK Machine chassis weighs in at 5 pounds of machined 6061 aluminum alloy and utilizes a v-block type bedding system using the standard Remington 700 action holes. The overall length of the bullpup with a standard 20 inch barrel is approximately 30 inches. MK Machining claims that the trigger pull, which is usually a point of contention with bullpups, is fantastic and that it is as good as a quality aftermarket Remington 700 trigger.

    According to MK Machine, initially the bullpup chassis will be offered only for Remington 700 short-actions, but they promise Remington 700 long-actions are next in line. MK Machine also promises additional popular bolt action rifles applications in the future. You can see a bunch of videos of the chassis on MK Machine’s Facebook page.

    MK Machining is a Columbia, Missouri based company best known for inexpensive scope throw levers printed out of PETG polymer. You can find out more about all of MK Machining’s products here at

    MK Machining Bullpup Rem 700 Chassis

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