The KGB Operational Briefcase. AKS-74U inside.

Thanks to this blog I’ve heard of the KGB Rectal gun (the comments are hilarious), but KGB’s “Escort Operational briefcase” is new to me.

It shares some similarities with the HK MP5K Operational Briefcase which I think all firearms afficionados know of.

The Operational Briefcase was used by KGB (Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti or in English Committee for State Security) and their close-protection agents who could not openly carry assault rifles.

Operation seems easy as 1…2…3.

To open the briefcase you have to push the button on the handle. Note that the briefcase has been repaired with duct tape.

There’s a special safety latch in the handle that prevents accidental opening. Once pushed, the briefcase opens and the case falls to the ground.


A folded AKS-74U without flash hider appears. Time to run! Or probably too late actually.

Note the difference between the HK MP5K briefcase and the KGB one. As usual the Western solution is more sophisticated, but not necessarily better.

The MP5 can be fired from the handle and with the MP5 staying inside the case. Stealthier, but much harder to aim.

The KGB one just gives you access to the AKS-74U, but you have to fire it in the traditional way. Probably a lot more accurate than trying to aim with a briefcase. Not to mention that that the caliber is a lot more powerful than a 9 mm.

The KGB briefcase handle is detachable and does not obstruct the iron sights.

Watch the video and the sequence below:

  ‘Escort’ operational briefcase is one of the most unusual accessories for AK rifles. It was developed for KGB close-protection agents, who were tasked with guarding high-ranking state officials. Watch the video to see how it works.


Today the Russians are using more sophisticated firearms and equipment. I wonder what they look like? I mean, my mind spins when I think of the KGB rectal gun and how the product development is carried through from idea to a deadly end-product.


According to Kalashnikov the public first saw this type of operational briefcase in the Russian miniseries “Brigada“. Below you can see some YouTube clips from the series, but I was not able to spot the briefcase in there.

However, the more than excellent Internet Movie Firearms Database has some more details and pictures from the movie which is described as:

“Brigada (English: Brigade), also known as Law of the Lawless is a Russian crime television series that debuted in 2002. The television series follows the story of four best friends from 1989 to 2000.”


You can see a picture of the KGB Briefcase from the TV series here.

“Luka’s killer takes out his AKS-74U from special case”

The handle in the TV series is a bit different, I guess they made a mock-up in lack of the real thing?

You can see more pictures of the AKS-74U here.

“Luka’s killer points at Belov and Fil. Note the handle attached on the handguard”


While we’re on the subject here are a few more Briefcase guns I found.

M11A1 Briefcase gun, fully automatic and suppressed.

I know that B&T Switzerland have some soft cases which can be used in a similar way, but I was unable to find any more information or pictures at the moment. I will dig in my personal database and return with some more information. Watch this space in a few days.

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  • RSG

    Creatively concealed, full auto firearms should be sold in every Walmart, 7/11 and gas station in America. Essentially everywhere where batteries, water and soda pop is sold. If a business has a cash register, select fire firearms and suppressors should be eligible to be sold.

    • Major Tom

      I wouldn’t trust many places to run select-fire firearms. Mostly on account of how cheap they’d go leading to a lot of unreliable, unsafe or fragile stuff.

      Like if I bought a select-fire AK from Wal-Mart, it’d probably be some Somali tinshop crap that has no accuracy, wiggles all over from every part and falls apart as you fire it.

      • RSG

        Well, you know, conversely, firearms availability could/should become so ubiquitous, that every Walmart/Kmart/Sears would carry the entire lineups of AK manufacturers like Rifle dynamics, Arsenal, Saiga, Krebbs, etc, not to mention walls of ARs with parts and accessories. Just because something becomes widely available doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be bottom of the barrel, Khyber Pass quality like Century, IO, etc.

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      uh . . . no.

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      Well, yes. But I will choose to shop at Cabelas. I may not be rich, but I’d want my can to come with a warranty.

  • ozzallos .

    You should see some of the creative options used to carry a Sub2000 around. The Extar I picked up easily fits in the average school backpack. But damn, the briefcase gat is just all kinds of sm3xy.

    • int19h

      Sub-2000, when folded, fits perfectly in a 15″ laptop bag – you just need to slightly angle it.

  • Giolli Joker

    I have to say that I really like the new “media focused” Kalashnikov Concern… videos like these with simple and quick info on once obscure stuff are gems.

  • Brett baker

    Vladimir Putin is crying, remembering the good old days as a young KGB officer.

  • mechamaster

    I can see the new AM-17 rifle ( Dragunov MA ) can be used for briefcase carry too.

  • Jonathan Ferguson

    It’s a muzzle booster that’s missing, which makes me question the reliability of the thing.

  • noob
    • Mr.SATism

      Which anime is this from?

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          I knew it! I just didn’t think the bodyguards were that smart in the first scene to get out their guns lol

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            They’re trying to fight the cops in the hallway with their subguns, but they shouldn’t have bothered since the cops had orders not to shoot a diplomat. They didn’t know The Major was coming in the window.

          • Mr.SATism

            I really need to watch this masterpiece again haha

  • Jake

    Shouldn’t it be held pointing backwards so that on release you cross over to opposite side presenting the pistol grip to shooting hand? Having the gun pointing forwards makes it awkward to quickly bring into action even if held in the non-dominant hand.