Anastasia Chernenko posted this photo of herself shooting her AK. Take a closer look at her magazine. It looks like she taped an AK handguard on the leading edge of the magazine to act like a mag pod. While not perfectly secure it should do just nicely for competition.

It looks like Anastasia is using a Magpul stock and pistol grip. Does anyone know what magwell that is?


  • Christian

    First she steals your hand guard then she steals your heart.

    • Brett baker

      Careful, you might freak out some of our commentators, the ones who complained about the sergeant in the MAC-10 POTD.

  • USMC03Vet

    The reason why Russians are the only women you should date. Click here to find out why.

  • Kaban

    In post-Soviet Russia, Duct Tape is Only Way. Go Gadget!

    The magwell appears to be in-house part, similar to Saiga M3 Practika or MK-107 magwells. Looks similar to what “Legion” (Izhevsk-based tuning outfit) placed on their Saigas. I doubt it is commercial part.

    • Kurt Ingalls

      no…no…NO!!!!!!…..its GO GO GADGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Vincent

    I love it, is there anything duct tape and a little bit of ingenuity can’t do?

    • iksnilol

      But that isn’t duct tape. It’s insulation tape.

      • Marlon

        This guy tapes.

  • Josh d

    Guys that’s a handguard taped to the damn magazine

    • Kivaari

      That’s what it says in the cut-line.

  • lowell houser

    Does anyone know what Russian gun laws are like these days? Is it like Germany? France? or worse, UK/Japan?

    • Green Hell

      No handguns for civilians, only low powered rubber bullet “traumatic” less lethal abominations. Sport shooters don’t own their guns (usually both handguns and long guns), those are a property of a shooting club they are assigned to and can be only kept there. Those who are “more equal than others” can get a personal handgun through an old soviet loophole of “reward weapons” (usualy given to decorated retired officers), if you know the right people you can be “rewarded” yourself for the right price.

      Smoothbore weapons are available if you get a hunter’s license, go through some medical exams (drug tests and such), purchaise a metal gun safe and register at your local police station. Relatively simple. Basicly all smoothbore weapons are allowed (including recently popular Paradox and Lancaster rifle convertions), there’s only a limit on minimal lengh of the weapon (Saigas and Veprs with folding stocks disable the trigger when folded) and magazine capacity is limited to 10 rounds (there’s a grey area, however, because the law only mentions the magazine capacity of a magazine that comes with a weapon, noone is stoping the sales of any other magazines with more then 10 rounds capacity and i don’t know any cases of anyone getting in trouble for them).

      Rifles, semi-auto or not are also available basicly without any limits other than lengh, but the catch is they’re only available for purchaise after you owned a smoothbore weapon for 5+ years without any recorded accidents. Also, everything that isn’t Russian is stupid expensive, you won’t find an AR for less than 2500$ or so, while new Saigas and Veprs can be found for less than 400$ and surplus Mosins, SKS and SVT’s are 150-200$.

      • I’d add that the lack of civilian gun culture aside from a very conservative hunting one, the relative hassle of applying for permits, and the lack of good shooting ranges (due to… see above) leads to gun stores having slow turnaround, and catering mostly to well-off hunters who only need sweet, expensive sporting rifles and who generally disregard price.

        And vice versa: having few good gunstores and even fewer well-equipped ranges (esp. outdoor ones, which are next to non-existent), leads to gun stores having slow turnaround and high prices. The fact that every new gun model and in some cases even each new batch has to be certified, drives the prices even higher – to the point where niche imported guns are pointless to import, and even popular ones are a luxury. Imported ammo also has a very hefty mark-up because of tiny volume of sales. Athletes and professionals of course buy in bulk for training, but tend to buy the cheap local ammo.

        Basically I feel that Russia could be a solid civilian firearm market if this circle was broken. Despite all of this, new ranges open up, and new models are being offered (gunstores though, only seem to close).

  • Audie Bakerson

    Nyet! That rifle is not fine! That is an abomination!

  • Jezek54539

    The magwell is probably a factory Molot part, since she’s shooting a Vepr rifle..

    • Green Hell

      No, it’s that new pump-action Saiga. Also all Molot guns have reinforced RPK reciever.

  • Brett baker

    I just realized what’s wrong in the photo. No women that hot should be using an AK!

  • Independent George

    Everybody knows that on a properly spec’d AK, the electrical tape should be blue.

    • To give a local’s perspective, yes the classic shade is well-known to anyone who’s over 20 over here. now I need to find some. I have yellow, black and red, but not classic shitty absolutely non-sticking blue.

  • AD

    What is going on with that cheek rest? Is that thing taped on too?

  • Eric B

    Just so you know – the rifle is the new MANUAL ACTION AK in .223 Rem.

    As the barrel is not free float and you don’t want to put a bipod at the front, so her solution is fine (the only one?) for long range shooting.

    There were targets up to 280-300 meters at IPSC World Shoot.

    • Brett baker

      Have to admit the manual AK is better looking than the Remington 7615.

  • ties

    I go hunting in Russia and the guns there are total awesome ,and so are the women ….. Russia has the best hunting and fishing I have every experienced. Now I have a house there and will move there when my parents are gone.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    The magwell is produced by KC for their competition guns.