IWI US phasing out the Tavor SAR

If you ever wanted to buy a Tavor SAR bullpup now is the time to act. IWI US is phasing out the SAR for the X95.

I’m sure the decision makes perfect business sense, but I also know that many prefer the SAR over the X95.

If you own a SAR, before you ask, IWI US have said that they will keep spares and support for the future so no need to worry.

I have an O.D. Green Tavor SAR with a 16″ barrel. While it doesn’t get the range time it deserves I am now going to hold on it a bit tighter, it might become some kind of a Unicorn. It’s not a seller anyway, and most likely the only bullpup I’ll ever own.


From the IWI US Press Release:

Harrisburg, Pa. (September 2017)IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., announced today that they will be phasing out the original TAVOR® SAR from their product line.

The TAVOR SAR revolutionized the market for bullpup carbines in the US when it was first introduced in 2013. When the “next generation” TAVOR® X95™ was released in 2016, sales of the original SAR declined as consumers willingly embraced the improvements and upgrades in the X95.

“The market has spoken and it prefers the TAVOR X95”, said Michael Kassnar, VP of Sales & Marketing for IWI US. “We will phase out TAVOR SAR production over the next few months and concentrate on our X95, along with our recently announced TAVOR 7, for the future.”

If you’re interested in the new Tavor X95, this will be of interest as a quick guideline.

The TAVOR X95 is available in 5.56 in 16.5” barrel for right and left handed shooters, and an 18.5” barrel (also available for restricted states), 9mm with a 17” barrel  and the new .300 Blackout version. Conversion kits in 9mm and the new .300 Blackout are also available and color finishes include Black, Flat Dark Earth and OD Green. MSRP is $1,999.00 (.300 BLK is $2,049.00).

I’m sure the new Tavor 7 in 7,62 NATO will be a success as well. I hope to see it (and hopefully test it) at SHOT Show 2018. You can read more about the Tavor 7 here.

For more information please check IWI USA’s Blog: https://iwi.us/blog/

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Hellbilly

    I always thought the SAR was the better-looking rversion of the two Tavor variants. ‘Tis a bummer that it’s being discontinued, especially since I’ve never ponied up the $1600 to obtain one.

    • Mr._Exterminatus

      CDNN regularly has them on sale for like $1300.

      • Beju

        The woodland digital camo SAR is currently $1400 there, if one doesn’t mind a rifle that looks like somebody vomited a salad upon it.

        X95s in various calibers and colors are “TOO LOW TO PRINT – CALL OMGWTFWORTHLESSHILLARY”

        I may have added that last part.

        • Mr._Exterminatus

          I’ve seen them as low as around $1300 on email specials every once in a while.

          • Beju

            That’s probably why they’re down to salad vomit SARs.

          • Mr._Exterminatus

            Huh, they most have sold the rest relatively recently, because a few weeks back they still had some of every color.

    • Al Wise

      Now’s your chance. Plenty around.

  • Brett baker

    We’ll always have Kel-Tec.

    • b0x3r0ck

      I hope not

    • Gregory

      No, it’s Crap-Tec.

    • Treyh007

      Have you actually shot a RDB?

      • Brett baker

        Hope to. Being left-handed, it would be nice to not pay extra.

        • Treyh007

          You’ll luv it, it’s a true ambi rifle, no sending the rifle back to the manufacturer to change it around. I ended up selling my Tavor after buying the RDB, better trigger, better balance, better accuracy, lighter, Suppressor Friendly, a lot cheaper a https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3221eb9b5558e7ef60abf65ef9e7b55deb8c50a65cd448317e7e85b775a3b287.jpg nd it’s Ambi. Keltec gets a bad wrap most of the time but they nail this Bullpup design. As u can read I can’t speak more highly about it and I’ve always been a Tavor guy. Lol 👍🏻🇺🇸

  • Spike

    Question about the Tavor 7, in the photo’s I’ve seen the barrel locking mechanism has moved from above the barrel on Tavor / X-95 to below it. So where do the linkages go?

  • ozzallos .

    Another overpriced bullpup leaving the market.
    This is my sad face. ^_____^

    • Jared A. Faber

      Don’t worry! Desert Tech is finally releasing their overpriced bullpup!

      • LCON

        NExt Shot Show I guarantee more Bulls than a China shop can be insured for!

  • iksnilol

    What’s…. what’s the difference betwen the X95 and SAR?

    • datimes

      My immediate question too. After looking at the photos above one has a square fore arm and the SAR is rounded.

      • Mr._Exterminatus

        The SAR also doesn’t have the accuracy issues of th X-95. X95 also has a mag release by the trigger guard. There’s some other differences too like where the charging handle is and I can’t remember any other differences. There may be more.

        • Zapped 02

          What are the accuracy issues ??

          • Mr._Exterminatus

            There was a big deal made about how much less accurate the 95 is when compared to the SAR. The military arms channel has a video on it, and there are plenty of other videos that talk about the issue.

          • Porty1119

            Which is hilarious, because the SAR is already barely minute-of-barn, made worse by the awful trigger and microscopic sight radius if using irons.

          • Mr._Exterminatus

            My SAR regularly shoots 1-1.5 MOA with good ammo. It took me a while to get used to the trigger though. The iron sights are meant to be a backup system to your optic, it wasn’t really designed to shoot with irons only.

            Edit: by good ammo I mean decent quality 5.56, not something like gold medal match. I’ve gotten some sub moa groups with match ammo though.

          • cwp

            Yeah, the irons on the SAR are dreadful. I think if I somehow managed to abuse mine so bad that the AimPoint I have on it broke, I’d do almost as well just using the tube to aim rather than trying to suffer through the irons.

            The trigger also sucks, but at least that can be fixed … for half the price of a new AR-15. *sigh* It’s expensive being fashionable.

          • CommonSense23

            How many rounds are you shooting in that group.

          • Mr._Exterminatus

            5 round groups. This was also when I was shooting the SAR a lot, so I was used to the trigger.

          • The 95 has a much better trigger. I’ll still probably change to a Timney.

          • JDTWO

            My SAR is consistantly 1.5 MOA with LC M193 ball ammo. It does under 1 MOA with match grade ammo. Of the 4 SAR’s I’ve fired, they all were similar accuracy, which is as good or better than most AR’s.

            One of my Special Forces friends (Who is a real gun person..) said “This thing shoots like a laser” after spending some time shooting it.

            I don’t know why you think they are inaccurate, Have you ever even fired one??????

          • Porty1119

            The one I shot would not stay on a 15-inch steel plate at 200yds with irons. My 20-inch AR rang it all day long, also with irons.

          • None I’ve noticed on mine. Changes are the rails covered at the front. Covers can be removed. Mag release is up front and easy to get to. Charging handle moved. You can also change the pistol grip.

          • Flounder

            No gun reviewer that is reliable or trustworth has posted anything better than 2moa groups. With 3moa being the average group size.

            So, it sucks for a 2000$ rifle. But no weird stringing or anything.

          • Treyh007

            All u have to do is google Tavor or X95 accuracy and you’ll see what most are saying about accurancy. My ex SAR shot 2 to 3 MOA (Depending on ammo) which isn’t that bad for a MILITARY Firearm. That said a lot of people report a lot worst accuracy than mine had. Tim over at Military Arms Channel also has good videos over this exact subject. I feel it just depends on what Tavor/X95 u get, at least it seems that way.

          • kfir

            With my Tavor, it is extremely difficult to miss, bulls-eye every-time, no accuracy issues at all.

        • Gregory

          Do you own a X95 and personally have accuracy issues with it or are you just regurgitating what you read online? I own a X95 and it has no accuracy issues.

          • Mr._Exterminatus

            Don’t own one, but I’ve shot my friend’s and we compared the accuracy between the two. It proved me right, although maybe something has changed. His was one of the first on the market.

            Edit: this is my experience, not saying that it’s the same as everyone’s.

    • Bill

      Yeah, this.

    • Cal.Bar

      The X95 has TWO mag releases. One in the stock like the SAR and one up front like an AR.

      • iksnilol

        What happens if you press both at once? Do you tear the space time continium and eject two mags?

        • Cal.Bar

          Well, IDK because even using ONE of the mag releases here in CA equals a felony. So….. there’s that.

        • LCON

          You confuse the mag release and make it wonder at your dexterity.

    • Flounder

      Everything? The x95 has an ar style mag release, has a lighter trigger, has accuracy problems, was supposed to be shorter and lighter but to be NFA compliant is exactly equal in length and is significantly heavier. like .5-1lb heavier.

      The SAR is the weird and definitive tavor. The classic variant.

      The x95 is a clone of the israeli modern rifle. But their version has a shorter “stock” area (especially the buttpad) and a 13.5″ barrel. So their version is 4 or 5 inches shorter than the SAR and .5-1lb lighter.

  • joshv06

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    • TFB Staff

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      • joshv06

        No thanks.

    • Stephen Paraski

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  • Tom

    Unfortunate from the one’s I’ve seen which admittedly is only a handful the accuracy difference is real, the SAR’s I’ve seen shoot better than the X95’s. Now neither of them are winning any accuracy contests but the SAR’s seem to be in the 1.5-2″ range, and the X95’s 2-3″. Both perfectly fine for what they are which is really a CQB the SAR is less of a one trick pony, but given the choice I’ll take the better shooting version. Basically they designed a gun that would sell better to Americans used to the AR platform here in the states, and fit it with toys people used to upgrade on the SAR. So out of the box trigger and rails etc. the X95 is better, though most people will replace the trigger on either. If you don’t want to learn the platform and want something that transitions easier from an AR get the X95. If you want the accuracy and IMO a better ergonomic platform (but not backwards compatible with your AR muscle memory) that’s better balanced and don’t mind spending more $ on it for a trigger and rails etc. the SAR is the way to go. That said I actually liked the trigger on the SAR’s I shot better, it was definitely heavier, but it was very crisp and smooth. The X95 trigger was much lighter, but the quality of the roll and break was worse.

  • Treyh007

    I luv IWI as far as a company I own/owned a few but if you want the best Bullpup currently available and don’t want to spend over $1100 (saw’em for $899 the other day) you have to try the Kel-Tec RDB, i had a Tavor for a few years and liked it but after purchasing and spending time with the RDB I sold it. I know saying KEL-TEC is the best at ANYTHING sounds like a stretch but not in the case, I’m sure some of the Tavor guys/gals will not like this comment either but oh well, all I can say is go try one like I did an you’ll see (like I did). You lefties out there wanting a BP can thank me later! 😬👍🏻

  • None

    Does that mean they’ll get stupid expensive?