Diplomacy Failure Inc. Glock Mag Dual End Plates

Remember those awesome Glock Mag Dual End Plates I posted a few months back? The ones that all the operators are sporting these days, if not they will be soon. Well here’s another variant from an even more tactical company called Diplomacy Failure Inc., yes that’s really their name. They call their dual mag setup the H.O.G. Magazine Alternate Plate System. H.O.G is short for Hand of God, named that “for it is as swift as it is terrible”. It really does say that in their marketing materials.

Their plate system is similar to the other dual mag plates out there in that they connect two Glock mags together giving the user double the ammo. Once one mag is depleted you release the mag, flip it over and insert the other mag. I get the idea behind it, you have double the ammo available to you. But why not just use a larger capacity mag and not worry about having to flip the mag over? One of the benefits of the Glock are the awesome factory high-capacity mags. Or how about just practicing mag changes and carry more mags?

I can see this pretty much only being useful for those in states like California with restrictions on magazine capacity. Keep this with your night stand gun incase something goes bump in the night and not worry about carrying extra mag in your pocket. But other than that, meh, I’ll take a larger capacity mag over two mags connected together. The Hand of God retails for $29.95 over at diplomacyfailureinc.com (turn up your sound).

Ray I.

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  • Beju
    • Josh Creel

      This is the exact face I made after visiting their website. I was embarrassed for them and anyone who might know them.

  • Petto

    Imagine this using Two 33 round magazines together 😀

    • A.WChuck

      “Tactical Walking Stick©”

  • elryanoo

    So you can make your gun heavier and more complicated because reasons.

    • randomswede

      With the added bonus of slower and unwieldy reloads.

      • Bill

        And inability to sit in a chair or drive a car when the gun is holstered

        • Avid Fan


  • KestrelBike

    95% of those are going straight into the dirt (or carpeted living room) when the user forgets and just drops the mag out.

  • SP mclaughlin

    moron labe

    • derpmaster

      Oh god their website is laughably terrible

    • USMC03Vet

      Pretty sure that’s an instagram filter now.

      • Rick O’Shay

        Just crank up the HDR setting on your camera. If that’s not enough, slide the “structure” setting all the way over as you’re working the filters..

  • Gus Butts

    This kind of coupling floorplate is popular up here in Canada on our AR-15s because of our magazine capacity restrictions, coupling two ten-round AR-15 pistol magazines together being the most popular. Both short magazines coupled back to back takes the shape of a standard capacity thirty rounder and will fit nicely into magazine pouches.

    In a country where magazine restrictions are mostly non-existent, this really doesn’t serve any purpose…

  • ExMachina1

    Failure in our name. Failure in our game.

    • Rick O’Shay

      “it is as swift as it is terrible.” Yeah, I’m definitely seeing how it’s terrible. Not so much the swift.

      • Markius Fox

        “Swift” being shorthand for “this is far more complicated and slower than it should be”, and conveniently the exact opposite of what swift actually means.

  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    Sounds like some real operatin’ mofos.

  • Christopher Wallace


  • DERP!

  • iksnilol

    Can we use it with 33 rounders? Only way this’d be worthwhile.

    • Cymond

      33 rounders include a +2 baseplate, so they would become 31 rounders with the couplers.

      But yeah, it would work. Then pair them with 2 magazines parallel, and you’ve got 124 rounds in an H of idiocy.

  • phuzz

    The word “operator” always makes me think “semi-skilled labour”.

  • Those are stupid, waste of money and to look like a poser

    • Bill

      You’re talking about the tats?

  • Jim Slade
  • Scott Tx

    just a hunch but I’d bet california would consider those high capacity mags since its one piece.

  • Chippathingy

    $30 + S&H, I can buy a factory 33 rounder for that. That’s not even counting the cost of the 2 host 17 rnd magazines. This has got to be a stupid tax.

  • BillyOblivion

    Now there’s a REAL operator. Doesn’t even take the coffin nail out of his mouth.