Glock Mag Dual End Plates, Why?!

    Sometimes I wonder if accessory makers really think things through when they release a product. I guess there’s a market for stuff no matter how odd the product may seem. Remember the AR-15 Muzzle Brake with Picatinny Rails? I’m sure that one was a really big hit with customers. We actually did a review of it last year.

    While surfing the web for something to blog about I stumbled upon, purveyors of the best probably not American made firearms accessories. They sell all the common goods, AR-15 hand guards, Muzzle Brakes lower parts kits etc. But they had one product that caught my eye, not because it’s something I’d be willing to buy, but because it made me think WTF?!

    It’s a dual end plate for Glock magazines that allows you to connect two Glock mags end to end. I get it, they’re trying to create an easier way to allow shooters to quickly reload their Glock. I just don’t see how this accomplishes that, it can’t be any easier than just practicing quick reloads and carrying two extra mags on your belt. Their new dual end plates come in a 2 piece set and is made out of polymer. It’s available for 9mm, .40 SW, .380 Auto and .45 GAP model Glocks (no love for .45 ACP and 10mm shooters?). It’s available in multiple colors and retails for $14.99.

    Ray I.

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