New Vortex Impact 850 Rangefinder

I have a great Laser Range Finder inside a pair of high quality Made in Germany binoculars. Press a button and get very accurate distance readings, out to further than I can hit with my rifles (at least accurately).

There’s just an issue, that pair of binoculars stays in my house most of the time as it’s heavy, takes space and it’s expensive (don’t want them stolen if I leave my luggage or in the car).

The new Vortex Impact may offer a solution: the best range finder is the one you have with you!

The price is an affordable 269 USD, which puts it quite much lower than the Vortex Fury HD and Ranger Range finders.

In Vortex’s own words:

Impact Laser Rangefinder

With the high-performing Impact 850 and its economical price tag, you don’t have an excuse to head afield without a laser rangefinder. Accurately ranges reflective targets to 850 yards, providing critical distance readings hunters and shooters can rely on. Range targets down to 10 yards when things get up close and personal.

6X magnification brings subjects in for a closer look and more accurate ranging. Fully multi-coated optics enhance light transmission for optimal performance in low-light settings. Provides angle-compensated HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) and LOS (Line of Sight) readings to match user preference. Can be set to read in yards or meters. The black LCD display boldly stands off against subjects during the moment of truth – and a fast readout ensures you get the range in time to capitalize on the opportunity.



The angle-compensated Horizontal Component Distance and Line of Sight explained in a picture below. Probably works for Golfers too!

Compact size and by the looks the ergonomics are great.

Optical Features

Fully Multi-Coated Lenses Anti-reflective lens coatings on every lens surface allows for brighter views.

Construction Features

Waterproof O-ring seals prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside for withstanding harsh weather conditions.
Rugged Design Built to handle tough situations. Compact and lightweight.
Diopter Adjusts for precise focus.

Performance Features

Intuitive Display Easy-to-use menu with a simple, clean display. Choice of yards or meters.
HCD Horizontal Component Distance (HCD) mode for angle compensated ranging.
LOS Line of Sight (LOS) mode displays actual line of sight range.
Scan This feature displays continual distance readings when panning across a landscape or tracking a moving animal.
Ranging Format Range in yards or meters.


YouTube: Vortex Impact Rangefinder

The Impact Rangefiner runs on a single CR2 battery which are normally easy to find and last long.

While I get the Vortex Impact I’ll continue dreaming about the Steiner M-Series and the things I could accurately range out to 6 000 meter with it.

Do you prefer more expensive binocular type of range finders or these smaller one-handed?


Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • st381183

    I just purchased the Bushnell Trophy Xtreme for $130 shipped from Cabelas. Does the same thing, great quality, and even less with the current Labor Day sale. Go figure…

    • Palmier

      Yeah, buts its a crappy bushnell. Vortex at least has a lifetime warranty.

      • John McMickle

        I have a Leupold that does the same thing as this Vortex.

        • Palmier

          And probably costs three times as much…

          • John McMickle

            Actually Vortex products are pretty expensive. The internet gives a price of between $200.00 a Optics Planet and $1,289 at Elles. So the actual costs vary greatly.

          • Palmier

            Indeed, they make a range of products. But I find that equivalent Leupold products cost an average of three time more than their vortex counterpart, even though they both have the same kind of ironclad warranty. Bushnell is cheaper still but they don’t have much of a warranty. Vortex seems to be in the right spot between low price and high customer support.

          • John McMickle

            I must be shopping in the wrong places because the Vortex scopes I have seen are more expensive than the Leupold models I purchase, and I do not purchase the bottom of the line.

          • Palmier

            You really must be. Try Amazon.

          • John McMickle

            I do not purchase rifle scopes online. I want to look at the product up close and personal before spending money.

          • Palmier

            This is why you check it out in a store and then go home and order one for much less.

          • John McMickle

            An if you never purchase in the local store it will go out of business. Other than sales taxes some local stores are quiet competitive.

          • Palmier

            Not mine. They often charge 50% more and the customer service sucks. I have no problem if they go under.

          • John McMickle

            I guess I am lucky those in my area stay competitive.