UTAS-USA Releases A Limited Edition XTR-12 Competition Shotgun

UTAS-USA has launched a new limited edition of the XTR-12 competition shotgun being produced by their custom shop. Sadly, UTAS-USA’s press release offered near no information about the limited edition shotgun other than an MSRP of $1349, the fact that there are limited quantities and a short list of features.

It looks like it will feature a barrel set up to use any of the five Benelli Crio chokes included with the shotgun. UTAS-USA is also going to include a choke case and wrench according to the press release.

You also get a vertical foregrip with a bipod that shoots out of the bottom like the Samson Grip Pod that has seen wide use with US military units in Iraq and Afganistan. It appears that an unknown brand is being fitted to the limited edition XTR-12 that operates in a similar manner to the more well-known brand of bipod.

The press release also states that you get a collapsible adjustable comb stock and a skeletonized handguard with no mention of what type of attachment points are on the shotgun. Unfortunately, the photo that was sent out with the press release was not of a high enough quality to see if they included keymod on the rail or if it just has holes in the side that serve no function.

You can check out UTAS-USA on their website, but the limited edition XTR-12 Competition shotgun is not listed on their site anywhere I could find. As stated above, the MSRP is $1349.

Patrick R

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  • Jtx

    So now we’re shooting shotguns at such long ranges that require bipod? What competition are yall shooting I just use an old Winchester 12g pump with extended tube mag to a whopping 8 rounds, my ar has no name maybe Frankenstein since it’s a hodge podge of parts, and the pistol i used is a smith sd9ve. The cost of these 3 guns just for competition cost me about $800 for all of it. Why would I want to spend that much on an obviously heavy shotgun(so heavy it comes with bipod) for competition, I’ll grant you it looks cool and will get you all kinds of attention at the range but folks are gonna laugh at you behind your back for paying more to weigh more.

    • Vitsaus

      I’m going to guess that most of these Turkish shotguns are designed and marketed by people who don’t know what the application of the gun is, and who probably aren’t actually allowed to own most types of firearms that are common in the US.

  • RSG

    UTAS gets it. It’s not perfect, but modern shotguns should all look like this, or similar to this, more or less. There’s no room for wood, or the FUDDS who worship it, on modern weaponry, or the movement to normalize it. Rant over.

    • AC97

      Lol, this “wood is for da dirty Fudds” nonsense again?

    • Porty1119

      Found the tacticool fanboy.

  • john huscio

    So much for cheap turkish shotguns…….

  • Flounder

    Holes in the side that serve no function? I thought that WAS keymod. /sarc

    You could say the holes were there to lighten the handguard, or increase airflow. vents or lightening cuts which is what they really are.

    Pointless holes just sounds so. Salty. Must be really hot where you are.

  • Salty

    Have they fixed the catastrophic bolt group failures that happen 5rds into shooting it yet?

  • Suppressed

    From looking at their website, the handguard looks just like the one on the regular version, which appears to be M-Lok.

    I was able to do that in less time that it took to write a sentence saying one has no idea what type of attachment points it uses.