Blaser Rifles Diversifying With A New Optic Line

Blaser rifles never quite caught on here in the US, but are well known across Europe and among small circles of hunters in the US that appreciate precision engineered rifles. Using the same mindset used when designing some of the world’s most interesting hunting rifles, Blaser has now stepped into the optics game by founding German Sports Optics.

The new company will be responsible for designing and manufacturing Blaser’s own line of optics starting with a new set of binoculars called the Blaser Primus. German Sport Optics has decided not to outsource the production of the high-end binoculars, instead, they will be making them themselves in Germany under the same watchful eyes as Blaser rifles are produced under.

Blaser says that the brilliant images a user will see when peering through the binoculars are made possible by high light transmission and neutral color reproduction. We haven’t had a chance to look through a set yet, but if Blaser’s rifles are any indication as to what we should expect, I doubt we will be disappointed.

Also stated in the press release was that the optics should provide a rather clear and brilliant image even if the optics are not totally in line with your optimal line of sight.

Learn more about the new line of Blaser optics on their website. Currently, we do not have any information about pricing. It is expected to be on the more luxury side of things.

Patrick R

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    From the company that brought you this

    I’m sure I can expect a reasonably priced and marketed optic to go along with their atrociously priced guns.

    • wetcorps

      If you have the monney for a Blaser you have the monney for trigger mags 🙂

      • Truth be told, I frequently joke with other hunters and say, “Want to see the world’s most expensive magazine?”

        I then pull out my R8 trigger group.


    • gusto

      not everything has to be a plastic toy looking rifle that spits 30 rounds as fast as you can pull the trigger

      you have to build a very expensive custom rifle to get the same accuray, modularity, barrel/calibre swapping like you get with an out of the box blaser

      it is not just people buying them as a status symbol. pretty much everybody that works with hunting carries them they just are that great

  • NineWays

    Not outsourced, yet located in a Minox facility? Must have a deep corporate structure or something.

    • micmac80

      Not to mention that most of the Blaser rifle components are outsourced and Blaser Germany is more or less assembling kits.

      Minox outsources much of the Spotters and Binos in China

  • conrad

    I read that folks were having trouble getting 1 moa from the Blazer, is that the experience of those here?

    • Nope. Here is a 5 shot 1000 yard group. 4 towards the center. Then I rushed the 5th shot and pulled it low left so it’s all me. At 100 yards I have seen this individual rifle produce 1/4MOA. I personally am about a 1/3 MOA shooter with this rifle at 100 yards. With 175g ASYM 308 rounds.

      Blasers shoot, Brother. They may not be as durable as rifles people jump out of airplanes with. But they shoot.


    • The Forty ‘Twa

      The only people who would have trouble getting 1 MOA from them would be poor shooters. I’ve had three over the years and they have all been “tack drivers” as one of my American colleagues describes them.

      • conrad

        Actually, I appreciate the good reports, thanks.

  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    I’m not sure why you would want to buy an optical device from a premium European firearms company like Blazer rather than a premium European optics company like Leica or Swarovski.